Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Basics

I've been talking a lot about simplifying my closet lately,and what I was left with after the whole process, so today its time to put all of that into action.  There is something really great about your favorite basic pieces coming together to make a favorite casual outfit.

Favorite tee - check, favorite jeans - yes (I love white denim), favorite bag - this is the one, favorite accessory - this hat is my new favorite go to.  I'm pretty sure almost everything I own now could be qualified as a basic piece but, I'm really ok with that.  I have figured out that I wear what I really like anyway and what I really like is a great mix of basics. 

You don't have to fuss around with a lot of stuff to feel and look put together.  A good rule to go to is the rule of 3.  With 3 items you will usually look automatically more put together than with two.  Like adding a cardigan, jacket or hat to your usual t-shirt and jeans.  It just makes everything feel completed and a little more styled.

Moms, don't be afraid of white jeans they are actually quite awesome and easy to pull off.  I just always carry a little tide to go pen with me just in case.  

Enjoy your basics and wear what you like!

Happy Wednesday!

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