Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Item, Many Ways : Striped Top

I've been noticing lately in blog land how other people are currently transitioning their closets for fall, umm- we will be lucky in NC if that happens by the end of September.  We usually get to experience a lovely fall here but not until around October and I am looking forward to all of those fall things.  Cooler temps, fall colors, boots, scarves, pumpkins...I love it all.  But, its still hot and I'm still trying to squeeze lots of options out of my simplified closet as the warmer weather continues to endure.  So, here is another little rendition of using one item multiple ways... today I have a simple black and white striped top from the J Crew outlet.

Here's a little breakdown:

1. Paired with a Bright Maxi - I love this coral color and this skirt is probably the most comfortable one I own, it was one of those great thrift store finds.  Stripes go great with bright colors and combining it with accessories of the same color family help to bring it all together.

2. Pattern Mixing - This is something that I have not always been comfortable with and honestly I'm really not sure if I am yet.  Working with more neutral shades is any easy way to try it out if it seems scary to you.  Black stripes and black in the shorts - it works.  

3.  Paired with Basics:  I really like adding denim to an outfit, what does that say about me?  I'm from the south, can't help it.  It's just one of those classic things that never seems to get old. This outfit is just simple basic pieces  - favorite pair of black pants, simple top, denim and a fun necklace.  Adding a bold statement necklace really helps to elevate things when working with basics.

4.  Paired with Neutrals - I added denim again, its a thing.  This is about the simplest of summer outfit forms --top + shorts + sandals.  When you add the denim button down its helps keep it all from being too boring - plus if you go somewhere that's freezing inside you are prepared (bonus).  Gladiator sandals are pretty great for adding interest to your outfits as well instead of the normal flip flops I usually go for.  Sometimes just little changes make a big difference.

So whether you are stuck in the hot holding pattern of summer or transitioning into cooler temps its always great to try and use the items in your closet in different ways.  It helps to utilize what you already own, it helps to keep your closets simpler and lets you just have fun and be creative with what you have.

Pick one item out this week and see how many ways you can wear it!

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