Wednesday, January 6, 2016

12 Winter Wardrobe Favorites

Its finally full blast winter in NC so I've been thinking about what pieces should go and stay in my wardrobe.  This past year I have been sticking to a more simplified closet and paring things down quite a bit.  I did a big purge back in the Spring and each season I have purged a little more (and added a few things in that work better for mixing).  Its all about creating a closet of fewer, more versatile things that I love and will wear over and over.  So below I have 12 of my favorite winter items that fit all of those categories.  I love having items that can create many outfits together and also mix and match with other pieces to make even more!

Here's my list (sources linked)

1. Thicker Cardigan Sweater (similar)
4. Plaid Neutral Flannel Shirt (similar)
5. Moto Jacket (similar), (similar)
6. Jeweled Statement Necklace (similar), (similar)
9. Cognac Ankle Boots (similar), (similar)
10. Chunky Cable Nit Sweater (similar), (similar)
11. Dark Wash Distressed Jeans (similar)

These are just a few ideas for transitioning your wardrobe to winter.  Picking out 10-12 pieces out of your closet and finding different ways to mix and match is a great way to maximize your wardrobe.  There were a lot of combos from these pieces I had never thought to wear.  You probably have way more outfit ideas than you realize!  Just from these 12 pieces I have at least 20 outfit options and using these pieces with other items will create even more options.  Try it out and see what you can come up with!

If you are lacking a few key wardrobe pieces this is a great time to check out the sales and score some great winter basics for a lot less.  Last year I picked up the black moto jacket for $9 on clearance during the end of season sales.  I also like to check out the consignment shops first to see if I can find what I'm looking for there.  The gray plaid flannel is a j crew consignment find for just a few bucks!  A great thing to do is to make a list of key basics you are in search of that will give you lots of variety...that way you aren't just buying random items that will not work with many different things you already own.  Having a cohesive, simplified and versatile closet is always my goal.  Have fun getting dressed this winter!

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  1. Love your picks and how you put them together! Great winter ideas :)

  2. Hey Megan! I had no idea of all the amazing things you are doing here at 'A Remodeled Life" , until V.B. told me at our Chili Night last night! This is incredible! I am so excited to join and follow. I have a tiny little home that dearly needs a "remodeled life". I look forward to learning from you and applying your ideas! Thank you so much! Michelle Zane

    1. Hey Michelle! Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) We are little by little getting our house updated! Its been a fun experience though! Thanks for following along!!