House Tour

Our sweet little house we bought 11 years ago. We love this little house so much. So many memories here. We fell in love with our neighborhood and can't leave. So this little house is becoming something totally brand new. You can see below the changes we made the 11 years we lived here. 

You can check out my original house tour post here:  This page is always a work in progress for me.  Check out our project page for more details!

House Exterior

Things we did:  painted exterior, replaced the front doors, replaced the roof, built new shutters, changed the exterior lighting, added different landscaping and added a concrete walkway and driveway. 

For a detailed exterior house tour go Here

Here's a before & After of our old shed:

Family Room

Things we did: Ripped up carpet and found hardwood floors! Painted the trim and walls and replaced the ceiling fan. Painted an accent wall in the little hallway.





What we did: New Tile Floor, Painted Cabinets, New Cabinet Hardware, Farmhouse Sink, Butcher Block Countertops, Subway Tile Backsplash, Painted Walls and Trim, Chalkboard Door, New Appliances, New Light Fixtures, Built in Seat around Kitchen Table 





Our Bedroom 



What we did: Painted Paneling Walls and Trim, New Light Fixtures, New Flooring

Master Closet 


What we have done:  Trim, shelves and door were painted white and paneling was painted a gray.  Floor was painted and sealed.  Added some itso storage and shoe shelves along with some space saving clothing hangers to provide maximum space in a small closet.



Laundry/Mud Room



What we did: Painted everything - walls, trim and the old vinyl flooring...the original vinyl has asbestos under the floor so we were not ready to go the route of removing and I'm glad we didn't cover it because the cost of removal becomes higher when that's done. 

Laundry Storage Before

Final: it never looked better than this lol

Half Bath

What we have done:  Painted trim white, walls neutral and painted and sealed the floor.  Added metal baskets for storage, remade the medicine cabinet mirror with washers, replaced all of the hardware, replaced the bathroom light and created artwork from paint chips.

I don't know if I have a final update of this bathroom...we did end up adding shelving over the toilet and painted the floor again to match the laundry floor.

Spare Bedroom

What we have done:  Trim painted white, walls neutral.  Closet doors were painted with magnetic paint and then chalkboard paint and inside of closets were painted a sage green.



These are the best pics I can find right now. This was such a weird space and was kind of like a walkthrough room. We ended up using this more as a playroom for Silas. In here we pulled up the carpet, painted everything. We added a small pull out sofa to use for guests too.

Baby Room

What we have done:  Trim painted white, walls an aqua greenish blue, painted his dresser, added some personal touches and storage solutions.  Soon Silas will be phasing out of his crib and his room will need to be made more into a toddler space...

To Big Boys Room:

What we did: No more carpet, Painted Everything, Stripes on the closet door

Full Bathroom

What we have done:  Painted trim white, walls a sage green.  Replaced all hardware, replaced the faucet and shower head.  Replaced the light and mirror.  Added a new window curtain, a new shower rod and curtains and new rug.



Probably the space we did the least to. It was always such a huge undertaking we always said we were waiting until we were ready to do a major overhaul...which is now underway!

Current House Status:

We are reversing haha...stay tuned for what is to come!