Thursday, November 12, 2015

Painting a Kitchen Chalkboard Door

Well, its about that time again for me to paint something with chalkboard paint.  I did have a good reason this time.  A while ago when our tile floor was being installed our kitchen door was removed and put outside until the tile was completed.  Not a big deal, except for it rained and the door was left  out in the elements.  We had a little water damage on the door but haven't had much time to address it.  Eventually, I would love to get a new door but we don't have time for all of that right now.  So a quick fix was needed- chalkboard paint.

My hope was that the paint plus anything that was written on the door would hide the damage and be less noticeable and from the above picture you can see that it really does the trick.

To paint the door I used a few supplies - paint, foam roller, an angled paintbrush, a small craft brush and after it dries you need chalk and a magic eraser.  The craft brush was huge for painting around the edges of the window so I didn't have to tape anything off - time saver.

I had a great helper for this project.  It did take 3 coats of paint to get a good finish on the door.  Once the paint was completely dry the next day it was ready to be seasoned.  If you want your chalkboards to have the right look and to not have "burned-in" writing on them, you need to prep the surface.  Basically, take the side of some chalk and cover the entire surface and then erase it all off.  The chalk gets into the porous surface and fills it all in.  I have found the best thing to use to erase the chalk is a magic eraser - use it dry not wet!

This part was a little time consuming and required almost a whole box of chalk...sidewalk chalk would have worked better - but thankfully I had such great help who thought this was so much fun.  It was also messy...this was quite a big surface to cover so chalk dust was everywhere.  

I can't find a good before shot when it was painted white but still, I like the original shot compared to the current one.

We are having so much fun with this door, I may not want to ever get rid of it.

I was worried that the black door would be too dark for our kitchen but I actually really love the contrast of it.  I think with it being a chalkboard surface it kind of helps keep it from being too drastic.  

It felt like a little risk when I first saw the black strokes of the paint going on but in the end I decided it was just paint and I could change it if I couldn't stand it.  But the little risk paid off and we are enjoying it!  Chalkboard paint saves the door.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Style: Wearing Marsala

Oh how I love the colors of fall.  I also love dressing in the fall -more layers, more options.  There is this awesome color that I break out for the cooler temps and it is known by many names.  This year pantone has declared the color marsala but lets be real we could also call it burgundy, wine, maroon, oxblood...and probably many more.   Here are a few ways I like to add a little marsala to my fall wardrobe, plus the sources so you can add a little to yours too.
1. Colored Pants and a Check Blouse - I love these pants, they can be dressed up or down and are super comfy.  As you will probably see from this post I also really like black paired with burgundy.  Don't forget to pull your whole outfit together by adding a fun statement necklace.

Sources: Pants - Exact

2.  Brighten it up with More Color: I love this color combo! Burnt orange and marsala, I feel like an autumn leaf and I like it.  Keeping it neutral on the bottom with denim and tan ankle boots helps pull it all together.  Try looking in your closet for a different color combo you may not normally wear and go for it.  You might be surprised with a few new outfit ideas.

Sources: Top - Similar, Similar
Cardigan - Similar

3.  Knit Top and Patterned Knit Pants - This is so comfy and casual and still put together.  Its basically pajamas I can wear somewhere other than my house.  Also, this is my new favorite necklace  - it goes with everything.

Sources: Top - Similar
Pants - Similar
Necklace - Exact 

4.  Marsala Flats (Adding color with accessories) - Adding a bit of color with your accessories and especially your shoes is so fun.  If you feel a little uncomfortable wearing a colored shoe (besides black and tan) try marsala out.  Its still on the darker side and more of a subtle option.
Sources: Top - Exact
Pants - Similar, Similar
Shoes - Similar, Similar

Try adding a little fall to your style this week.  What are some of your favorite fall color combos?  Share with me!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Simple Fall Table Decor: Use What You Have

Today is all about using what you already have. Its really easy this time of year to get overwhelmed or stress over things which really don't need to be worried over.  Having your table perfectly set and styled for Thanksgiving is one of those things.  I loooove this time of year, just all of it.  Its fun to be festive, to celebrate with those you love, to focus and set your hearts on thankfulness and the blessings of Christ - things worth your time.  Last year I had the great joy of hosting thanksgiving diner for our family.  I wanted to decorate because its something I like to do but I also wanted to keep it simple and not spend a dime.  

I spent some time gathering a few items from around the house that I wanted to use and then took a walk around my yard in search of some sort of items for a centerpiece.  I discovered we have a great little shrub that had beautiful colored leaves plus another with some great greens.  I clipped a bunch and also decided on picking up a few twigs.  

To make the twigs standout a bit I decided to spray paint them white and a little bronze.  While I was at it I grabbed a little pumpkin I had and spray painted it too.  When I get the spray paint out nothing is safe anymore.

After I had my centerpiece and a few little decor items I needed a tablecloth.  I wanted something navy but I didn't have a tablecloth that would work.  I did however have a piece of fabric that I had gotten for another project.  I didn't do a thing to it, it's literally just a yard of cut fabric but I liked the colors, plus its plaid and you can never have enough plaid during the fall.  Is it me or is everything covered in plaid or check print these days?  I mean, I'm not complaining but it seems like its on everything from home decor to clothing and even on plastic cups and tissues at target.  I may have purchased said plastic I guess I'm just contributing to the plaid madness.

It was fun to put together a pretty table with things I already had or snagged from the yard.  I bet a lot of you have even better outdoor plants to gather from but if you are like me and just have a couple of shrubs then you are good to go.

A couple of years ago I put together another little last minute thanksgiving idea with several other ideas for using things you already have.  Also, as a family in the past we have put together a thankful jar to help us focus together on being grateful.  It doesn't have to be fussed over, don't fret and keep it simple and enjoy the important moments.  Use what you already have!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

House Tour: Bedroom Updates

Slowly I've been trying to update the blog with a post of each room in its current state.  I've done a living room update, a kitchen update and our son's room update and today its time for our master room update.  I think out of all the rooms in our house this is the one I'm itching to change the most.  But before I get into what I want to change I'll focus on what we have done so far.

I love the light and airy feeling in our bedroom, something we started working on from day one when we painted the paneling and installed this ikea chandelier.  Recently I changed out the curtains for a lighter option and I'm liking the change.  These were the curtains we used to have in our living room so it was a free option and gave me a better idea of what I wanted to do in this room.

When we first moved in I really wanted a yellow and gray bedroom.  Now that we have been here for a while, I'm ready for something different so these side tables/drawers are going to be painted soon.  I'm also currently on the hunt for a different paint color for the walls.  I still want something in the gray family but more on the greige side.  I think some small changes like that will really make a big difference - at least for me.

Another big project for us coming in this room is installing new flooring.  This is the last of the carpet in our house and it needs to go.  This space is also really needing some better storage solutions.  Its a small room and I'm really great with that but I need to figure out the most efficient way to use the space we have.  I love the idea of building some sort of storage unit along the wall.

This space started dark and dingy and now is much brighter and lighter - things that I really like about this room.  Something I have definitely learned is that as you go, your style preference will change.  This room is in that stage of trying to piece together the things that we really like.  Sometimes it takes living in a space for a while to really figure out what that is.  So changes to our room are coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by today!  

Thursday, October 29, 2015

See You Soon Party Ideas

A few months ago one of our dear friends answered the call in her life and made the decision to move to Haiti to serve, love and teach the word of God there.  We were incredibly excited for her and we can't wait to see what all God does while she is there.  She has been there a month now and I know her faith has grown as she fully leans on the provisions of God.  We miss her in so many ways, she has one of the biggest servants hearts I have ever met but we know she is where she needs to be for this season in her life and so we are thankful.  So to send her off with lots of encouragement and support we held a "See You Soon" party.  

It was fun putting this together for her and we were able to pick up most of the items on major clearance at Target and reuse things we already had - always a win.  

We had a table set up for people to write encouraging notes for her, I'm pretty sure she is reading them one day at a time, a little note from home to encourage her every day.

For decorations we found some fun fabric table cloths (on Target clearance for $3/piece!), some inflatable globes, photos of her in Haiti, a few little items from the dollar spot at Target and I snipped a few hydrangea off of our plant.  They were so pretty that time of year.

I also found these little light up arrows, they were a fun touch.  Plus, aren't these mason jar drink dispensers great? 

Another part of the party was a photo booth set up with a map of Haiti and some fun props.

It was such a sweet time and we were honored to be able to share that time with her.

Randa is still in need of monthly financial support. If you are interest in sponsoring her you can visit here.  To learn more about what Randa is doing in Haiti, check our her blog here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Painting Party

Sometimes life feels like it moves at lightening speed.  You start getting really great at keeping up your blog and then all of a sudden weeks have gone by.  Its crazy how full our life can feel at times but I'm so thankful for each little moment, its all definitely a gift.  I have the pleasure each week of leading a small group of high school girls with a sweet friend.  We have just loved getting to know them, studying God's word and encouraging one another in our walk with Christ.  To help us have time to relax together and chat about life a little and get to know each other better we like to do something different and fun each month.  This month we decided on a pumpkin painting party.

Seriously, our students are the best. They are so welcoming and encouraging to one another which in turn is such an encouragement to me.  We are so grateful for these people in our life and I'm glad I get to do things like paint pumpkins with people I love.   

The first part of a pumpkin painting party is of course, picking out your pumpkin.  I love walking thru a pumpkin patch and seeing how each pumpkin is unique and different and then so beautiful all assembled together as one.  One pumpkin is great but a multitude of pumpkins makes a beautiful statement.  What a great reminder of the body of Christ.  We are each uniquely and wonderfully made but we are also made to do life together - to be united as one in the name of Christ.  And how beautiful and powerful it is when we are.

The next part of a pumpkin painting party is posing with your pumpkins and taking lots of photos together.  This is an essential step, do not leave this one out or your pumpkin painting experience will be ruined.

It was such a beautiful fall day so we opted to paint outside.  I grabbed a couple of tarps for the tables and some painting supplies.  I picked up a few paint sample sizes from Lowes which we found we liked the best for actual full painting coverage.  I also had some chalkboard paint - because you can never have enough chalkboard stuff and then some craft paints.  I also had various paint brush sizes, a few cups of water for cleaning your brush and some paper plates for paint usage.

It was really cool to see how everyone chose to paint their pumpkin, we have a talented bunch.  We also had a mini lesson on perfection built right in.  It was a struggle to want your pumpkin to be executed to absolute perfection but in the end we had to learn to embrace the imperfections and enjoy the process.

Pumpkin lessons are the best.

Hope you guys are enjoying the fall, enjoying the process and embracing imperfections while you are doing life together as one.

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.  Romans 15:5-7

Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 Fall Wardrobe Favorites

We are officially in fall, yay!  Depending on where you live in the US it may still feel like the dead of summer or you might be enjoying crisper/cooler temps.  In NC we can have both on any given day.  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little change in my wardrobe so adding in some fall pieces to my closet is fun, even if we are still in the 80s.  Below are my 10 favorites for that early fall weather.  They are pretty versatile and can layer well for those days when the weather is all over.  I love that from the 10 pieces you can create numerous outfits and then so many more with a few other things you already have.  Its all about creating a simplified wardrobe that can easily be mixed and matched.

Here's my List (sources linked):

2. Chambray Shirt (similar)
5. Olive Utility Vest (similar), (similar)
9. Leopard Scarf (similar), (similar)
10. Ankle Boots (similar), (similar)

So this is just a few ideas for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall...even if the weather is not cooperating.  One of the things I've been trying to do is to create more out of my closet.  I know I seem to get into a habit of wearing the same pieces together all of the time but having a more streamlined and simplified wardrobe allows you to be more creative and get lots of uses out of less things.  Just with these ten items I can think of at least 20 different outfit combinations!  

A good way to look at an outfit is in 3's (not including your shoes).  Adding a scarf, a vest, a button up or even a statement necklace helps to create a more put together look.  I think that is why fall is so fun because you can add more layers and more combinations.  
So this week try and see which 10 favorite fall items you can choose to create multiple combinations from and get more out of your closet!