Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Belting a Scarf

If belting a scarf is a new and unusual idea for you, don't worry it is for me too.  But I can't help but like it.  This week's style challenge from Audrey is to belt something.  Normally, this wouldn't seem so difficult for me but this week has been a little different.  This added snow and winter weather has made these challenges - well even more challenging.  All I want to do is wear a chunky sweater and be done with it.  But, its a challenge so I press on.  

So what do you do when you want to wear something really warm and comfy but need to add a belt? - just do it.  Belt it all up and call it a day.  I layered on a tank, a long sleeve shirt and a chunky sweater, grabbed a large scarf, wrapped the belt around it all and found myself a warm and comfy outfit that was a little bit different and outside my norm.

I think the key to belting up a scarf is making sure you have one that is big/long enough.  There is a lot of bulk going on here with the chunky cardigan but I couldn't go without it this day and I think all in all it worked.  With all of the chunkiness going on I was able to wear my super big glittery vintage bracelet.  I can't always figure out how to squeeze that into outfits, but when I do I love it.

So I guess when it doubt, belt it up.  Have you guys ever done a belt over a scarf?  What's your feeling on it?  Share with me!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Master Bedroom Plan

We have been busy working on our son's room recently, putting our extra time into finishing up that space - and I'm determined to not move on until I have everything complete (as much as it can be).  But, I can't help but think about the next room on my list to conquer- our master bedroom.  A girl can dream right?  Some of the elements of our room I like and will keep but some I'm ready to change.  I think after several years I'm ready for an even more neutral toned room with natural elements and we are desperately in need of some storage and organization.  So below is a quick shot of where the bedroom is right now (just also imagine in piles of books and clothes to better accurately create a glimpse of our room).

To take it to the next level we want to replace the flooring, paint a lighter gray/beige on the walls, paint the side drawers white,  add some industrial wall sconces, build an industrial shelving unit and add some accessories.  So actually quite a few things but nothing to crazy difficult.


I kind of like the idea of pairing the industrial elements with some more delicate ones.  I think this would be such a relaxing and peaceful place to be.  This is the motivation I need to get some of the last projects in Silas' room complete so I can dive into all of this!  

We have a busy week ahead with a big student ministry event coming and this crazy weather is throwing us for a loop!  Snow today and maybe again this week! What?!  Do you guys have any rooms you are dreaming of updating?  Do share!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Tips to Save on Home DIY Projects

Something about me you should know, I like being thrifty and finding a good sale.  Through the years I have found a few ways to be able to save money on all of those home projects.  Whether it be for smaller decor items or bigger ticket items, there are ways to save some pennies.  Check out a few below and some project ideas too!

1. Paint - One of the easiest ways to change up your spaces in your home.  When we moved in we had to paint pretty much every inch of our house, in and out.  All of that paint really starts to add up.  There are ways to find paint very inexpensively.  Depending on your project you may not be that set on a certain shade or, if you are really patient you might just luck out.  My favorite place to check out every time I visit Lowes or Home Depot is the Oops paint section.  Usually its a little shelf nearby the paint mixing area.  Gallons go for $5 and quart for $2.50 (usually).  I painted the inside of our walk-in closet and our laundry room floor with paint I found on the oops shelf!  I have also painted several pieces of furniture with oops paint as well.  Like I said, I check every time and if its something I like I usually grab never know! Another great place to check for discounted paint is the Habitat Restore, another place for finding paint for those furniture projects!

2. Fabric - I mentioned this earlier this week when talking about recovering our ottoman, but I get creative when searching for fabrics for different home projects.  Fabric from the fabric store can often add up if you need a lot for a project.  So, I'm always on the look-out for discount fabric items I can re-purpose into something.  I'm talking about shower curtains, sheets, table cloths - anything.  Target is a great place to look for these kind of items in the clearance section (usually the aisle end caps).  This is another thing I often check when I have the time.  Also, don't throw away any of your scraps.  I have used fabric scraps for jewelry, wreaths and garlands.  I never waste a inch.

3. Repurpose - Lots of times you have things already in your house you can repurpose into something new.  Anything from gift bags and paint chips turned to artwork to chop sticks and washers into a fun mirror accent - you never know.  What items are lurking around your home that could be reused and made into something cool?

4. Get Thrifty & Creative - You don't have to be a thrift store pro to find a good piece to redo.  I don't have time to constantly check craigslist, go to yard sales every week or even to thrift stores every week.  But, if I'm on the hunt for a certain thing I will always check these places first.  You never know what you might be able to find.  Every so often I will pop into our local restore and just check out what they have.  I have found some awesome deals, especially when they have marked down an item.  After an item has been in their store for over 30 days it gets drastically reduced.  Restore is also a great place to find doors and old wooden chairs.  Two things I love.  A cabinet door plus some chalkboard paint can become a really cute project at almost nothing - thrifty and creative!  And, don't forget free things like pallets!  We have made chalkboard signs out of pallet wood and recently repurposed one into a shelf.

5. Be Patient - This one is hard I know! But, just taking some time to research prices and wait for sales is huge.  Also being patient will allow you to really figure out what you need.  Sometimes we can be drawn to something but realize later its just not going to work.  Being patient helps weed out those impulse purchases.

Those are just some of the ways we have saved on diy projects around our home.  Do you have any more ideas?  Share with me!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Utility Vest, Arctic Edition

What do you wear when its freezing?  And why is it so amazingly cold in NC?  I need answers!  This week's style challenge from Putting Me Together is to wear something from your closet that you haven't worn in 6 months.  I knew I wanted to wear this utility vest but as the temperatures have plummeted I wasn't sure how I could and be actually warm.  This vest is something I picked up last Spring at a great price and was really excited to wear it.  But for some reason I have struggled with what to wear it with and since I haven't been comfortable with it, it has just sat.  No more! 

I have never thought about putting each of these things together but its crazy when you force yourself to be a little creative with your closet what possibilities you can come up with.  Green on green - yes.  Leopard print scarf - absolutely.  Black and cognac - everyday.  

To make this vest really work in the winter I actually doubled it up.  Earlier this season I lost my coat and had to search out a new one.  The one I found was on sale like crazy (buying a coat after Christmas is where its at) and it had a removable vest inside for extra warmth (that is fleece lined).  So to make my utility vest wearing dreams come true, I removed the vest from my coat and layered it underneath the utility vest.  So warm.  This was great for 30s.  Today its in the teens so I'm sure I will need even more layers!

We go kind of crazy here when it snows or get any kind of wintry precipitation. This was mostly ice but, that did not stop us from building a snowman and running around outside like kids.
We've had our three days of winter and I think we are all good now.  We wouldn't be too sad if it became Spring.  

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kids Room Ideas

Last week I shared how we were working on finishing up some projects in Silas' room and how much I was loving it.  This little room has so many fun little touches.  With his pallet shelf all completed it was time to officially recover his "couch" as he calls it.

His "couch" was originally a project we did for the Pinterest challenge a couple of years ago.  It was actually an ottoman we made for our living room but Silas came to love and use it so much it eventually migrated to his room.  Its the perfect size for him to play on, read books, watch a show, etc.  He loves that its just his size.  
So when I set to recover it I looked for a fabric that would work well with everything else we were putting in his room.  I love to look at the clearance section at big stores for "fabrics" - for example, curtains, shower curtains (which is what I originally used for this), sheets, table cloths -anything!  I came across a set of sheets at Target in the clearance section and was sold.  So yes, I used a flat sheet to recover.  I think the set was $7.78.  If you buy fabric ever you know that trying to find a fabric you love for a price like that is amazing.  Plus, since it was a set I got a fitted sheet to use on his bed as a bonus.  I love this kind of stuff.

I love the mix of patterns from the fabric to the rug.  So fun.  

Each little project just brings a feeling of completion to his room and is driving me to get it all done.  I'm determined to get my list completed in his space before I move on to other things.  One thing at a time!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple Pallet Board Shelf

Silas' room is becoming one of my favorites in the house.  We have been slowly adding so many elements that I love and its really starting to feel like a completed space.  His room has been transforming into a big boy room, which is fun and also a little sad at the same time.  But we are enjoying each season.

Pallets: you probably love them or can't stand them.  I'm on the love portion of that statement (of course).  I have been wanting to incorporate a pallet board in some form or another in our house for some time now and this little project ended up being the perfect fit.  I acquired this little pallet board somewhere, somehow and it made its way into Silas' room to act as a little quasi-shelf.  You can see below how its been leaning against his wall for a while and neatly organized with some of his things.  It was time to finally make this spot more permanent (and safe) for our little pallet board.

So we found a little time on a weekend and put together a quick plan to mount this thing to the wall and make it a functional part of his room.  To attach this to the wall I went and found some of the strongest wall anchors I could (pallets are super heavy).  Justin measured, drilled and anchored this monster to the wall.  Its not going anywhere now.  

To give it a little more function we also attached a little yellow hook set I found at Target.  Now Silas has a sweet little place to hang things, display his special little items and store some books.  

I love pallets because one- they are free and two - they add a little rustic touch to a room.  I didn't even bother with cutting or adding anything to the pallet.  It was functional just they way it was for me.

With it now securely mounted to the wall it feels like it actually belongs here now and its great to check one of those little projects off the list!  I have a few more things to accomplish in his room before I can say his room is completed.  For example- hang curtains, recover his little "couch" and Paint his we are getting close (sort of).

So do any of you have a thing for pallets?  Have any fun projects you have done?  Share with me, I'd love to know!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lilac, Animal Print and Heels

Lilac, Animal Print and Heels - something a few years ago I don't think I would have worn together...or really any of those pieces at all.  After being pregnant I wanted nothing to do with wearing heels, animal print always kind of scared me and Lilac is outside of my normal shades of blue.  This week's style challenge from Putting Me Together is to wear Red, Pink or Purple...Lilac is a shade of purple right?!  I'm counting it :). 

If any of these things are outside of your comfort zone as well try introducing some softer and more subtle items into your closet.  I found this shirt about a year ago at a consignment store, I owned not one thing with animal print at the time.  The print was subtle enough for me to give it a try and it has welcomed a new array of lovely animal print items into my life. Shoes, scarves, cardigans, tops - I now can say I love most anything animal print.

If you are like me and really aren't fond of heels, there are always some great alternatives.  I have found that I love a good wedge or in this case just a lower heel.  Lower heels are a little harder to find, but they are out there!  Also, block heels seem to be everywhere lately, which is a much comfier version of a heel.

Distressed jeans - my new favorite.  Maybe its my 80s childhood calling me home but it seems I'm not able to buy any new denim without holes in it.  I probably wear this pair way too much.

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