Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pin it and Wear it - Winter Neutrals

I'm into pinterest these days for a lot of reasons and finding new ideas for outfits is one of them!  This week's style challenge from Putting Me Together is to wear something you have pinned.  Lately I've been really into the idea of winter whites or wearing lighter neutrals for winter.  One of my favorites is this pin from Christine of Hello Fashion, its one of those I try to pin several times and I get that  (whoops you already pinned this) message each time.

Ok, so once upon a time there was this show called Trading Spaces and it was just the best.  On one particular episode one of the designers decided to design a room around the color white.  So everything in the whole room was replaced with bright white - white walls, white floors, white furniture.  He called the room "white whoa".  Needless to say the homeowners were speechless and quite unhappy. Why this episode is still fresh in my mind I do not know but this is the point >  At first go, I went all white with my outfit (white top and white jeans) and immediately it was feeling a little too #whitewhoa for me.

Instead of completely giving up I decided to change it up a bit and do more of a neutral toned outfit.  Still keeping with the same idea but a little more softer.  In the end, I was much happier with it.  

There really are numerous ways to even put neutral together.  Its always fun to come up with new ways to wear the pieces in your closet.  Try something new this week! 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Kids Project: Easy Chalkboard Sign

Today I bring to you, the Silas project.  The winter days can get a little tricky sometimes with a little one indoors.  We haven't had a ton of snow this season, but it seems as though we have had a lot of cold rainy days that have kept us inside.  These are the days when you just need to be creative and find something new to do so that you and your kid don't go crazy.  One of those days recently Silas decided he wanted to paint something.  So naturally, we found something for him to paint.

  Silas is the kind of kid who could care less about craft projects.  If he makes a few squiggles with a crayon he is pretty much tapped out on crafting.  But, if he gets to use tools or a big paint brush he's all in.  Must be the boy in him.  Kind of like the other day when we went inside Charming Charlie's- after a minute or two he sweetly asked me- "Mommy, can boys be in here?"  That was an honest question.  He's just all boy and can't help it.  I guess all of the pink and sparkles were throwing him off a bit.

So after we found something to paint - which ended up being a piece of pallet wood we had in our shed- he chose to use the chalkboard paint.  And, he had a blast painting this thing.  It was like the most simplest of projects ever but it was his own personal project and he was into it.

The camera came out and he needed a few pictures to remember the moment.  I don't know why but when I want him to smile and be still for family shots he can't, but he can all of a sudden pose for this.  We have about 50 more of these photos.  I tried to get him to put something different on the sign but he won out in the end - this was his project after all.  He loves dinosaurs, that is that.

So do you guys have any fun go to indoor projects or activities you do with your kids?  I'd love to know!!  Share withe me!
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine Craft Ideas

Valentine's day is right around the corner and today I have a little grouping of some ideas for crafts, easy decor and party decorating!  

1.  Scrap Fabric Garlands are one of my favorite things to make for events, holidays or just because
2.  Paper garlands are another easy project, especially if you don't have extra fabric lying around.
3.  These Mailbox centerpieces are so easy and cute!  And you can make them for $2!
4.  If you are hosting a Valentine party or banquet I have some ideas for decorating on a budget.

4.  These paper pinwheels are so sweet and easy to make
5. A little fabric, embroidery hoop, some scrap paper and a hot glue gun and you have a sweet fabric wreath

I think this year instead of making anything new I will reuse some of these items I have made in the past.  Sometimes its best to go with what you already have!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wearing a Bright Color

Feeling the winter blues?  Wear a bright color! I think we all have certain colors we lean towards.  I'm a blue and gray type person.  If something is available in either of those shades, I don't care what other color it comes it - that's what I'm getting. I can't get away from it, its just what I like.  But every now and again its fun to throw in a pop of color and change things up.

I probably own the least amount of red items than any other color...well and pink (anything in that color family).  For some reason it just always feels out of my comfort zone.  I found this knit blazer at Target several months back on clearance (shout out to target clearance) for $9.98.  I decided for that price I could go out on a whim and buy a red blazer.  Red might not always be my thing but a blazer kind of is.

For some great reason we are having awesome weather this week.  Initially I was going to pair this with boots and a scarf but it was way to warm here for that.  Leopard print flats and a pretty statement necklace did the trick.

I took a quick before shot,( if you want to call it that) to show that by just adding a pop of color and a few accessorizes you can really change up your basics.  Although I would totally just wear the t shirt and jeans too.

Outfit Details
Blazer - Target (similar, similar)
T Shirt - Old Navy (similar)
Jeans - Old Navy (similar, similar)
Shoes - Thrifted (similar)
Necklace - Loft (similarsimilar, similar, similar)

So what about you guys...Do you have a favorite go to style color?  What about a color you rarely wear?  Share with me!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Replacing the Kitchen Floor

Not too long ago we dove into a project to replace our junky kitchen linoleum with a bright new tile. Changing the flooring in a room is a huge game changer.  After pulling up the carpet in our house and freshening up our hardwood floors the next logical project was the kitchen floor (especially since our living room and kitchen are open together).

Here's a quick shot of how our kitchen was for a while before we repainted the walls..and changed the floor obviously.  If you look closely you can even see the duct tape that held the floor down where it had begun ripping up.  I'm pretty sure that tape drove everyone who came over crazy.  But, you do what you have to do when you have 1,000 projects in an old house waiting to be done.

I wish I had more pictures from this project but it was quite a whirlwind.  We started it a week before we were going out of the Country - so great planning on our part.  The really awesome factor in this whole thing was Justin's brother (Jason) - who happens to be a tiling professional.  We definitely needed his expertise and help.  After ripping up the floor is was very much clear that our floor was majorly slanted and laying tile down would be impossible.  There was some major floor leveling that had to happen.  So thankful for Jason.  After we had a level working surface Justin and Jason intalled the duroc and we were finally ready to tile.

Even with the floor now level it still was a difficult job considering all of the off angles and such that we still had.  But in the end it turned out so great and having a level floor is awesome.  Quickly, lets talk tile for a second.  We ended up choosing a grayish white plank type tile.  It has some lighter grey wood grain design as well.  Since we decided to keep the original flooring in the rest of the house I liked the combo of the two floors together where they meet.  I love it!

This little kitchen has come a long way!  Slowly we are checking those projects off the list.  Still on the waiting list includes countertops, a backsplash, new appliance, a new door and sink...Oh and flooring trim.  There is always something but we have enjoyed the process.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Safari Party!

Silas has been 4 since October, so I guess its time to share a little of the details from the fun Safari Party that we had.

So far we've done dinosaurs and race cars and if you know Silas an animal type of theme was our next go to.  This was probably the easiest party I have put together for him.  I didn't do a ton of diy for this one but still added some personal touches to make it special.  It really doesn't take hours and hours to pull together a fun party for your kids.  Just a little planning ahead and you are golden.

When we decided on a (loosely) based safari theme I knew I wanted to find some cute safari hats and a little prop for taking photos (the jeep cutout).  I searched all around for these hats and kept coming up short.  Most were just too pricey for as many as I wanted to buy.  I ended up finding a great price online with Party Cheap. They had several great things for our theme so I also picked up the inflatable animals and leaf streamer from there.  

After ordering a few of the key elements we then used all sorts of things from around the house to put this whole thing together.  Plastic animal figurines (which Silas moved locations of the whole time), I reused the large faux leaves I got for his dino party a few years back (from the dollar tree), one of my antique lanterns and several items we have picked up from other countries we have visited.  It was such a fun, easy and simple party.

Initially I was going to try and find a fun animal or jungle type fabric print and make a table cloth.   The time got away from me and I almost used a plastic one until I finally got creative and decided to use the awesome hammock we got on our last trip to Panama.  It was fun and different and I loved it. Sometimes it just takes looking around your house for a minute to find a new use for an item you really like.

So now for the one part that I did diy - the water color canvas.  

Usually I do some sort of banner but I wanted to try something different this year.  I had some extra canvases, some paint, so why not?  It took hardly anytime but added a personal touch to the whole thing.

Its been 3 months and I still can't believe my little boy is 4.  I really don't like to think about him getting much older.  I'm just enjoying every moment the best I can.  Every sweet hug, funny thing he says, prayers prayed, painting project and each little birthday.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Maxi Dress in Winter

One of my favorite bloggers Audrey from Putting Me Together has begun a new weekly style challenge to help us get out of our style ruts and put to use some of those things in our closets we aren't using. I'm all for it.  This week's challenge was simple - wear a dress. 
 If it was warm and lovely I would have no problem wearing a dress but in this colder weather I usually steer clear.  I mean its under 40 in NC, we are freezing here.  So after some thought I decided to put together a couple of ways of wearing a maxi dress in the winter that used some items I was much neglecting.

Honestly, this is an outfit I would have never thought of otherwise so I loved finding new ways to wear things I already own.  And yes, I am not even trying to hide the camera remote.  I had limited time and things needed to be snapped quickly.

Its funny how just adding a couple of simple things can really bring it all together.  A belt is something I have neglected for years but it will do wonders for almost any outfit.  I don't think I even owned a belt a year ago...I blame having a baby on that and then I got over it and realized how great a belt actually is.  Lesson, find a belt you like and try it out.  I have actually found some great ones at almost nothing prices at Target so you don't have to invest much at all.

 Try something new this week, use something out of your closet you haven't in a while and have fun!

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