Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Progress

Before we had to officially move in to the new place we had several days to work on some painting.  The first big job we were aiming to tackle was the kitchen.  This is probably the most time consuming part of the house as far as painting goes.  Everything from trim, cabinets, doors, paneling, walls - all of it needed painting.  Something I am starting to learn is that I do not estimate time for jobs very well.  Pretty much I need to add an extra 3 days to everything I'm doing I guess.  Anyway, we did get the kitchen fully painted before having to move in and we are sooooo glad that part is over (and I know my parents are too).  Painting paneling was actually pretty easy, a good coat of oil based primer and a couple coats of paint did the trick, pretty simple.  Painting knotty pine proved to be a little trickier.  These cabinets are old and I think covered in 40 years of grease so we had some streaking issues to conquer - which we did thankfully.  I'll put up a full post on what we did soon.  We also encountered a few other problems that we will tell you about soon as well.  Let's just say, that's where the extra 3 days came into play.  All in all we are pleased with how everything turned out and the kitchen doesn't even look like the same room anymore.  It's bright and fresh, perfect!
This is my Dad's Masterpiece wall, the grooves in the knotty pine proved to be extra fun

Our knotty pine cabinets are no more, they are white and pretty!!
Just a litte reminder of what our kitchen looked like before....
And now after

More kitchen pics coming soon...stayed tuned.

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