Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drama Anyone?

We are adding some drama in our bedroom today in the form of bold flowing curtains.  At first, we totally were not planning on going with such a bold choice, we really were thinking white all the way.  But then we were wooed by these lovelies at Ikea and our plans changed.  Ikea really has great affordable curtain options that are easily customizable to your desired length, we love the way they turned out and can't wait to hang the rest of our curtains now.  Here's a round up of the process and result.

We first decided where we wanted to hang the curtains and measured appropriately.  We wanted to make the window to appear larger than it is and add height to the room as well so we hung the curtains high and wide over our window.

One of Justin's favorite tools is this laser level.  We actually just recently purchased it and it has been worth every penny (we actually bought the cheapest one we could find).  I know, how could we go nine years without ever owning one of these?  

So, I mentioned above that the curtains we bought were easy to customize.  They come in longer than you need lengths (for the most part) and packaged with fusible tape.  You just measure where you want your hem, and fold your curtain to the appropriate length.  Then you need to iron out your fold first.  This creates a nice crisp fold to follow.

Then simply place your tape along the crease of the fold and iron together.

You will now have a new nice hem with no sewing!  The tape is also washable.  You either need to wash your curtains ahead of time to allow for shrinkage or plan on increasing your length a little for future washing and shrinking.  The last thing I needed to do was cut off the extra fabric and voila!  Perfect length curtains.

Just a reminder of our bedroom before -

And after - we also paired the slate gray drapes with these light and airy curtains to add softness.  We love it.  It is also very difficult to take good pictures at night of dark curtains but I think you can get an idea of how they look.  The color does look a little lighter in person.

Just adding the curtains and hanging them high and wide really make this room appear larger and the ceiling higher.  We love increasing our square footage without having to build a thing.

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