Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glammin' it Up

So far, this has to be one of our most favorite things we have changed about this house yet.  Intrigued?  We think you might even be surprised.  One of our original house lights has bit the dust and has been replaced with a much bolder lighting choice.  That said light happens to be our master bedroom light.  So it's time for the step by step replay and new light reveal that we know all of you are anxious for.

Here's a quick before shot so you all can refresh your mind with our awesome original lighting:

First off, we went over to our non-labeled fuse box and played around with the fuses until we had the right one turned off.  Then, we discussed how we need to start labeling these things so we don't take fifteen minutes trying to figure it out each time.

Next, we simply removed the old light cover by screwing off the cap and exposing the actual light fixture and also a missed spot from a previous ceiling paint job (not done by us).  We have already found that we will have to eventually re-paint our ceilings one day - not something we are looking forward to.  In the meantime, we could use one of those ceiling medallions instead to cover this area but we haven't don that yet either.

After that we just unscrewed the fixture and disconnected all of the wiring.

Then we screwed in the new bracket that will hold the new light in place.

(New Bracket)

Next step was to start wiring the new light into place.  Just match the colors - white (neutral), black (hot wires) and green/copper (ground).  Then cap all of your wires to hold them in place.

Finally, we hooked our new light to the bracket and screwed in the base to finish.

Now came a confusing part for us, the light bulbs.  We purchased our light at Ikea and decided that we would just buy some bulbs once we got ready to install it.  Hmmm, didn't check to see what kind of bulbs, we just assumed and guess what happens when you do that, you guess right - we assumed wrong.  So, off to the store to buy the correct bulbs.  After we had the bulbs in and the fuse back on we were ready to gaze at our new light fixture...aren't you wondering what it looks like?

Ta da...It's a sparkly, pretty chandelier!  

Not kidding, we are absolutely loving this light and loving the feel it gives our new bedroom.  I had to kind of talk Justin into it, but once it was home and up he was loving it too.  I'm telling you, adding a new light fixture will do wonders for your room, it can absolutely change the entire style and feeling.  It's also fairly easy to replace lighting fixtures so don't be afraid of this kind of project.  If we can do it, you can to!  This room has gone from master cave to master glam.  I can't wait to show you what else is going on in there, it looks so totally different than when we first moved in. Until that day, I will leave you with some more shots of our new favorite thing.




  1. This looks beautiful.
    I don't know why people are so intimidated by projects like this, it's so easy. I mean, I fix all my outlets and switches and never got electrocuted once. Will... actually I did, but that wasn't in the process of fixing it, it was in the process of using a faulty switch that needed fixing.

    Horror Art

  2. I used to have a light just like that and would stare at it wondering how I could change it. I wish I had seen this while I was still living where I was living at the time. LOL.
    I love your blog and am happy to be your newest follower. I enjoy reading creative DIY home project posts. Thanks for sharing. It's great to read about the life of another believer as well :)


  3. I'm having trouble finding a light that's not a ton of money, Where did you find yours?

    1. I found this one at Ikea - they have some really pretty lights for a great price. Hope that helps!