Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Verdict is Still Out

We have been working on a few things that have been lingering around and waiting for completion.  One of those things happens to be hanging curtains in our family room.  After we decided on the bamboo roman shades for the windows we didn't want to add a heavy or competing curtain since we like them so much.  So we immediately decided on finding a billowy, white, light and airy curtain.  Something that would add a finished look but without taking away our natural light and weighing down the space.  We purposefully hung the shades higher and a little wider in anticipation of adding curtains to help our room look higher and larger.  After looking around at a few places we determined that Ikea had the most affordable options so we went with the Wilma curtains -only $9.99 a pair!  They are white, billowish (yes, I just made that up) and light and airy - just what we were looking for.  I couldn't wait to see them up -- until they were up.  Now, to be honest we aren't so sure.  I don't know if it's because we have gone so long without curtains that it just seems weird to have them up now or if we just don't like them because we just don't like them.  Since we have had them up for a few days I can say that I am liking them a lot better and also after looking at the before and after shots.  So, we need your help - what do you think?  Curtains or no curtains?

I'm almost thinking that stretching out the curtain rods a little more and widening the curtain space would be better, maybe it just feels too scrunched?  I know that's what Justin wants to hear since he already re-hung them twice because I didn't like them the first time.  I know he has to love me to just sweetly smile and redo them for me, especially since he has told me several times that hanging curtains is not his favorite thing.

One of my issues is the way the sofas press up against the curtains.  I know we can move them out further and that will help so that should be an easy fix.  Also, there is no way to center these monster couches so the off-centeredness drives me a little crazy but it's not the end of the world for me.

Leave a comment and share what you think!  To keep or not to keep?  Also don't forget we have a giveaway going on Here!  


  1. I really like the curtains. It gives the room a tropical look. But I agree with you (Sorry, Justin) Spreading them out just a little more would be the perfect touch.

  2. I think the softening effect of the curtains works really well. I wonder if your uncertainty maybe with the color? When I first saw the pictures, it seems like a huge contrast between the darker shades and the white curtains. What about finding a light, airy curtain with a subtle design that somehow ties in the brown or possible pulls in another color from the room - like on the lamp (which is totally cute!) or bookcase?

  3. I agree w/Andrea in many ways. I love the curtains...just not there. I love the shades...just not w/the curtains!

  4. I just love your new curtains, but agree that you should spread them out a little.