Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting the Guest Room

I feel like it has taken me an eternity to get our guest room painted.  Between King Silas naps and late night painting sessions I am finally finished with the trim and walls.  The fresh white trim works wonders in a room and I am loving the new color, it's called Tightrope and of course I used Olympic.  The original color that covered the entire house (besides the knotty pine and fake paneling) was such an awful dingy yellowish beige and now it is almost all gone (insert victory dance here) just one little half bath to go!  I have a few pics to share, I am still working on a lot of other things in that room so I don't have a full view shot yet.  Closets are getting an update, other pieces of furniture are getting updates, lighting is getting an update - and all on a budget.  Hopefully I will have some more things to share with you this week, I'm really liking the way things are coming together in there.

So I had to show you the difference in the dried paint and wet paint.  When I first started painting I got a little scared that the paint was not what I wanted, it seemed very light but wow did it darken when it dried.  You can see the darker band was my first coat and then the lighter on top was the second - still wet.  Crazy the difference huh?

For some reason to me dingy beige trim and matching dingy beige walls just makes me uncomfortable, I can feel relaxed and comfortable now that the dinge is gone.

Have a Happy Monday!