Friday, August 12, 2011

Spice it Up - A Desk Redo

I shared yesterday that we had a lot of paint projects brewing over here in la casa.  One of those projects happens to be a sweet little secretary desk that was given to me by Justin's Aunt right after we moved in.  Justin's mom, sister and aunt are like the superior masters of finding hidden jewels at yard sales and thrift stores.  So no surprise I was gifted a little jewel by them, this little desk.  I knew I wanted to paint it but wasn't sure right at first what color exactly.  I could go with a standard white - always chic and fresh.  But, I just wasn't feeling it and I wanted to add a little spice to this little corner of my kitchen.  Here's the little desk before anything has been done to it.  This desk had definitely seen better days but it was still really sturdy and working properly so it really just needed a face lift.

First thing I did was to remove the drawer for easier painting and remove the knobs.  I decided to replace them with something else I already had on hand.  I also washed down the desk with a little warm soapy water and then this little baby was ready for some spice.

So spice it up I did.  I hate priming things and will honestly skip that process whenever possible.  And it was no different in this scenario.  I decided that I would just go straight to paint and it worked out, I did however apply 3 coats of paint but it was really easy and quite quick.  I used a little foam trim roller for most of the painting and It worked like a charm.  I think I will always use a foam roller for furniture painting from now on.  I also have another tip to share.  If you buy paintbrushes at the dollar store in a pack of three - you get what you pay for.  Awful.  I'm sure most of you are thinking "duh" but I have always wanted to test those dollar paintbrushes.  Luckily for this project I was just needing a paintbrush for a few corners I couldn't reach with the roller.

You can see the first coat wasn't that great and I started to fear it was going to take a lot more than 3 coats but thankfully after the second It was covering really well.

So here it is now, in all of it's coralish, rusty, pinky-orange glory.  I have to say I absolutely love it.  I wish I had a picture of the knobs before I spray painted them white, but take my word for it, they are way more cute now.  I love the color contrast between the wall and the desk and we can't help but walk by it and smile a little.  Everyone needs a little bright color in their home somewhere.  It has definitely cheered this little corner right up.

(Ignore the random items sitting on top, I'm still working on that.)

So there you have it, our little desk redo.  Oh, and it only cost me $9.44 for the paint!  So under $10 and this desk is looking good.

Check back soon for some more paint projects we have been working on!

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  1. I have almost that exact desk which my grandma gave to me. I've had it for years, and painting it had never occurred to me. !? I think mine will be going a shade of ocean mist blue. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Yay,! I love that idea for the color Heather!

  3. Great color--and I love the hardware you chose!