Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Projects

This has been more of a planning and shopping week for us as we still have a lot of things we need to do in our guest room but also have several other projects we are eager to sink our teeth into.  We are going to pull double duty this weekend and start working on our little half bath as well.  This half bath is really tiny and very out of date.  It also really only gets used by Justin and I since it's right next to our bedroom so we have put off doing much of anything in there.  Really, the whole back part of the house looks pretty much the same since we moved in since it's so seldom seen by anyone.  But, we are tired of the craziness going on back there and we intend to change that.  We have a lot of plans for this little space but we are going to do our best to not spend much money.  This will be a budget remodel for sure with a lot of room for future updates.  Eventually we want to replace the big fixtures - like the sink and toilet but that's so far down on our to do list it's not even worth talking about right now.  So, feast your eyes on our awesome bathroom - this is how it sits today.

As you can see we have done pretty much nothing since moving in besides throwing an old rug on the floor and trying to create a storage space.  There is zero storage space in here (besides a tiny medicine cabinet) so yes, I have a basket on the floor full of hairdryers, flat irons, hairspray, etc.  Let me tell you, trying to get ready with a 10 month old in here while trying to keep him from pulling out every item out of this basket is near about impossible.  This needs to change soon.

The lighting is one of the worst things in this bathroom to me - I know you are thinking everything is the worst thing but I can see potential in some of the other elements, there is no saving this light.

This room is interesting to me because it sits in the middle of all of the other fake paneled walls and yet someone decided to paint this bathroom - in the same blah beige that covered the rest of our house.  I'm glad though because that means no priming the paneling!  We also have this super large wooden towel bar - which I'm confused as to why we would need a large towel in a bathroom with just a toilet and sink.  It also has the matching toilet paper holder that is missing the most important part.  

Have I mentioned before that we have no storage?  Oh, we have no storage- so here sits our plunger and toilet brush.  We really have such limited storage in our entire house so I haven't found another place for them.  Two things you really can't live without yet two things you don't want sitting in plain site in your bathroom.  We will be addressing this situation, don't you worry.

Just two of many holes that adorn these walls.  

And finally the Pièce de résistance - our floor.  It's retro but not in the cool vintage retro kind of way.  It's also old linoleum, which means asbestos underneath- so ripping it out might not be an option for us - ever.  Covering it up is doable and we have options.  I can't wait to share with you what our plan is for the floor, stay tuned.

We have a nice long weekend to get started on this bathroom and I will be sharing the progress with you next week.  I have a little furniture project to share with you tomorrow and several other guest room projects in the works.  We may even begin our exterior paint project in a couple of weekends (fingers crossed) - so lots of things happening here and we will be sharing it all!  

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