Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bathroom Update - Painting the Walls

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending one of the best youth workers conferences around, the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta.  We had such a great time of refreshment, encouragement and learning from the best.  It's always great to take some time to step back and rest in God's hands.  So watch out students, you have a lot coming your way.

I think most people are enjoying having this week to relax and be with family, as well are we, but we also have a list of things we want to accomplish.  Until then, I thought I'd post a little bit about our half bath we've been working on.  I think I'm going backwards since I already posted about the floor but I wanted to add an update about our new wall color and prep we did to it.

The bathroom walls are our favorite- lovely faux paneling- except this time they had previously been painted.  The painted paneling made it a little easier since I didn't have to prime them.  They were painted the standard blah yellowy beige the rest of the house was painted (besides the paneling and knotty pine) with matching trim.  However, these walls were in pretty bad shape with holes and yucky gunky stuff all over. We also removed all of the old broken wooden hardware that adorned these lovely walls.

My thoughts on the bathroom before - Ugly, Yucky, Broken, Gross, Gunky

We had lots of holes to fill and sand.

The easiest stuff to use to fill wall cracks and holes is DAP DryDex Spackling Compound.  It's easy to apply and dries quickly.  It also dries pink so you know when it's time for sanding.  Really simple.

After we filled, waited, sanded and cleaned the walls were ready to be painted.  I went with the same color I used in our spare bedroom - Tightrope in Olympic no voc paint.  I also painted the trim the same as the rest of the house, off the shelf white Olympic no voc paint.  

So here's a quick before and after shot of the trim and wall paint color - I don't think this is the same wall angle but you can get a good idea of the color.

Aahhh, so much better.  I can't explain why but the previous trim and wall color that covered our entire house just made me feel stuffy and uncomfortable.  It's finally all gone and I can now take a breath and relax.  Only a little bit of paneling to go now, Just one tiny thing I am thankful for.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Wow, that does make a big difference! Funny how the small things can feel the biggest. :)