Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Little Thing at a Time - Bathroom Updates

Back in the bathroom today with some more quick updates.  We've got the floor painted and the walls and trim so now it's time to start updating some of those circa 19-ugly's hardware.  Hands down, the best place to get new bathroom hardware - like towel rods and such is Homegoods.  It's even better if you can find some in their awesome clearance section.  I picked up a new towel ring and toilet paper ring for $5 each and I'm definitely good with that.

So I opted to just go with a hand towel ring since this is just a half bath, and a small one at that.  There just wasn't a need for a big ole' towel taking up all of that room.

Yay! We have a working toilet paper ring (aka Silas' new favorite toy, he loves seeing how much toilet paper he can unravel in 20 seconds.  Let me assure you it's quite a lot) - no more toilet paper on the floor (unless Silas has just been in the room).  

Things are looking nice and bright in there these days.  More things to come.