Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adding a little Bathroom Storage

So I thought I'd change it up a little today and let you in on a bathroom storage solution we have been working on.  As you know, our house is small, we have a tiny half bath and limited storage so my wheels have been turning for a while as to what to do in this tiny space.  I've had a ton of ideas that have run through my mind but wasn't sure about any of them until I spotted these - I immediately loved them, really loved that they were on clearance for $7 (at Homegoods) and decided to make it work.  So home they came ready to be mounted on our wall. (PS ignore the paint brush hanging out on the sink, we have a closet project going over here people).

So in case you are wondering how we mounted them to our paneling - which is a little bit more difficult than drywall - but not really.  Here you go-

If you have paneling then wall anchors are your friend.  They are easy to use: you just drill a hole, push in the plastic anchor and tighten your screw.  I was worried how sturdy these were going to be since this is a hollow wall.  I'm amazed at how strong of a hold these have.  I could fill these up with bricks and....then they would probably fall.  But really, our pack of anchors should hold up to 75 lbs of weight, and I don't doubt that - these are solid.

Now we finally have a spot to store essentials like wash cloths, hand towels, toilet tissue - you know bathroom things.  Although, as you can tell from the photos we still haven't gotten used to this storage and everything is probably still on the floor in there as I type.  

I love the fun colors with our turquoise floor.  Have I mentioned that this bathroom is almost impossible to get a photo of?  I have to perform acrobatic feats to get everything in there.

Well, that's just a little bit of something else we have going on.  Have storage issues in your house too? Share with us your creative storage ideas!!  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and enter our giveaway! Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Good idea! Love the little pop of color. :)

  2. I love the colors! That's such a great idea. I have a teeny 1/2 bath with almost no storage space so this idea could totally work for me!