Friday, January 20, 2012

Just Another Day

Yesterday, after a messy meal, my sweet little Silas really needed a bath.  So off we went to fill up the tub, get his bath toys in and get ready for bath time.  It was a normal day, just like any other.  After I got him in the tub I reached over to grab a little washcloth and I sensed something strange happening.  He was giving me a funny look and wouldn't sit down - the vibe just wasn't right.

When I got closer to figure out what the deal was to my complete surprise my little sweet boy had pooped - a lot - right in that bath tub.  Panic set in for a minute, I froze, I think "What do I do?" came out of my mouth a few times.  Then I snapped out of my frozen state, grabbed him out, set him on the bathroom rug and began quickly grabbing all of the toys out of the tub.

As I did this, a very foul odor began to fill my nose - I thought for a minute, it must be the tub poop, but oh it was strong.  Well turns out I was very wrong, as I looked down I saw that my precious child had once again pooped - this time on the bathroom rug - had stepped in it and walked it all over the floor.
Panic number two set in - I believe the words "You got to be kidding me" came out and then "What do I do now" over and over.

Poop was everywhere and I felt like crumbling.  But somehow I snapped out of it, picked up Silas, washed off his feet, finally put a diaper on him, threw the rug in the wash and cleaned up the floor.
This missing part of the equation here is the poop in the tub.  See, Silas loves bath time, it's his favorite time of the day so once he realized he wasn't going back in the tub, a panic struck in him and fits ensued.

So out of the bathroom we went - still with a tub of poop and in walked in my knight in shining armor (that would be Justin).  I said, "He pooped in the tub!!!!" - to which he laughed.  "It's still in there!!!!" - to which he smiled and said, "I got it."  At that moment, I thanked God for such an amazing husband, because dear friends, I was pooped out.

Did you see I finished the trim and painted the walls in our closet? - that was just the side note of the day.


  1. Ha Ha best blog yet! Make me laugh and cry all at the same time. I bet it made you do the same.

  2. Oh Megan, this made me laugh so hard. In a totally supportive way! I've not yet had to deal with poop in the bathtub, but have had several of those "what do I do" moments! Thank God for good hubbies!!

  3. HaHa I agree with Betsy. Good for Justin. That made me proud. :)

  4. The only way I could figure out how to post was through anonymous. It's really your mother-in-law