Monday, March 26, 2012

Clothing Swap Inspiration

I'll be honest, there hasn't been a lot going on in the forms of house updating in the last week.  I have a big girls ministry event coming up this Friday and most of my free time will be devoted to getting ready for that.  I'm pretty excited - we are hosting a clothing swap for the girls.  I've never done an event like this so I'm learning as I go.  The girls were actually the ones who suggested this idea and I thought it was really great.  What a great way to get new free clothing and a fun way to meet new people and hang out.  I also think it gives a glimpse of the first church in Acts - where everything was shared and everyone had what they needed.  I totally had no idea how popular clothing swaps were but after googling and pinteresting (is that a new term now?) I came across a ton of info.  Check out some of these great clothing swap ideas:

Aren't these shopping bags adorable?  I absolutely love these, from the Hostess with the Mostess.

Becky has some great tips on how to organize everything for your clothing swap over at Organizing Made Fun.

Clothing racks are not cheap, believe me I've searched - I love these diyed ones from Design*Sponge.  This would even be cute for your home!

And the mack-daddy of all swappers - The Swapaholics.  I had no idea something like this existed, but I think it's really cool.  These ladies host huge swapping events all over the place and their site is full of swapping inspiration, ideas and info.  If you are thinking about hosting a clothing swap - this site is a must read.

So I'm busy in swap preparations this week, I hope I can share some more things with you this week that we are working on, we have lots of other ideas woven into this one night.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Thanks so checking in with us today!

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  1. SUCH an awesome idea!! You could do this with everything too, not just clothing!