Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sponsor Love

We have some wonderful new sponsors this month that we can't wait for you to meet!  I just love the supportive and encouraging blog community and these ladies are a great example of that. Take some time to visit their awesome blogs, become a follower and spread the love.

First up, Amy with Buffalo Roam.  Amy is currently building a really cool custom home and she has a great blog where she chronicles the ins and outs of the whole process.  She is so super sweet and I have loved getting to know her over the last couple of months through her blog.

Alicia (or Lish) at Imprintalish is next! I'm a new fan of her sweet blog.  She writes all about life, family, craftiness and bonus -she is a great photographer!  Her blog is really relatable and I love her down to earth style.

Cupcakes & Candy Canes is a blog by Allyson.  She writes about her diy creations and crafts - (I happen to be jealous of her sewing abilities).  Allyson is working her way through school and is on her way to becoming a teacher.  Her blog is full of her sweetness.

Meet Emily from Practically Pink!  She is a 17 year old blogger with such a precious heart for God.  She is wise beyond her years and full of grace and I just love hearing what she has to say.  I had the awesome opportunity to meet her last weekend in person, I just love her and I know you will too!

Lattes & Love is a blog by Torie.  She is a wonderful young lady who is passionate about loving others and finding beauty in everything.  She has great perspective and I love her positive take on life. 

Lisa @ Sew Gloried has a desire to glorify God in all she does - which includes blogging.  She has a love of all things crafty and creative and enjoys sharing her projects with her readers!  I love how her blog is a reflection of herself and how God would use her.

And finally is Audra at The Kurtz Corner.  She has such a fun and happy blog.  I just love checking out  her different recipes and craft projects she shares.  She has also created a great place of community and encouragement for other bloggers with her Tuesday Link Ups and Sunday Social that she hosts each week.  I have met a lot of awesome bloggers through her blog - so cool.

I'm so excited and thankful to have all of these wonderful blogs as sponsors!  Thanks so much for stopping by today if you have any questions about blog sponsorship I would love to hear from you, just send me an email! Take some time to check out all of these great blogs and have a great day!!


  1. Thank you so much for this sweet post! I am working on getting my sponsor features in order too!


  2. Thanks for the shout out/feature today!!! Your so sweet!

  3. Thanks for the shout out and sweet words, Megan. So thankful that I was able to meet you. :)

  4. You are too sweet :) Thanks for the blog love!