Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY- Monogrammed Canvas

I've got a super simple project to share with you today!  It pretty much involves gluing - and we can all do that.  I'm all about a monogram and I'm still on a mission to start filling in the blank wall space we have going on in our house right so this project was perfect since it fits both of those criteria.  So here are the supplies I started off with:
- canvas
- leftover fabric
- wooden letter
- fabric glue
- hot glue

As to where I got this awesome fabric, that would be the fun etsy fabric shop Sew Fine Fabric.  She has  lots of great fabrics to choose from in her shop and she has super fast shipping and great customer service - all things we love.  
As to my next step, I just wrapped the fabric around my canvas and used the fabric glue to secure it in place.  I just had to make sure my pattern was even and not looking all crazy and crooked.

I just folded in my corners - pretty much like wrapping a present.

Finally I grabbed my pre-painted wooden letter (I purchased it at Joanne's on sale for $2) and hot glued it right on my fabric covered canvas and.....voila!  A fun little piece to add to our bare walls.

As to where, I'm not sure yet.  I've got a couple more monogram art ideas running around in my head that I might be grouping together with this one so I'm kind of waiting it out. So right now it's just hanging out on my nightstand.

On a completely different note, I joined up with Framed Frosting's secret blogger swap and I'm really excited!! If you are a blogger and are interested in participating go check it out!  She is taking sign ups until May 11th.  Can't wait to share with you about my swap!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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