Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls Ministry Event - Decorating Details

Yesterday I shared with you about our most recent girls ministry event and today I wanted to share some of the details.  Hosting an event like this doesn't have to be expensive especially if you use things you already have.  Before our big clothing swap we had a time of fellowship and refreshments together, just to give everyone a time to chat, get to know one another and plot our swapping strategies.  Another exciting part of the night was the door prizes.  We decided to put together some baskets for the girls to try to win.  We had a summer basket, hair care basket, spa basket, sweet tooth basket and college basket.

The Target dollar section has become a favorite spot of mine.  They have some really great and cute stuff that we used for these baskets.  I also love the ELF make up line at Target.  They have lots of $1 products, including make up brushes - it was perfect for this.  Nail polish is another inexpensive option and of course candy.

This was really an added fun element to the night.  The baskets and metal tub were also found in the Target dollar section.  The little buckets and boxes were a Target dollar find last month.  So like I said, really cute stuff.

Another fun detail were these tall colorful metal planters (also Target dollar finds - although they were $2.50, still not bad).  We just used some inexpensive colorful tissue paper, some easter basket straw and a pretty pinwheel to fill them up.  When I purchase decor items for these events I try and get things I can reuse later on and I can totally reuse these containers for different things as well as the pinwheels and even the straw. 

So as we were setting up for this event we stumbled upon a few things stored away on our church campus that we thought would work perfect for our event.  These little faux wrapped presents were one of those finds.  I actually made these 4 years ago for a mother/daughter dinner and we just happened to have saved them just in case.  Don't you love free decorating?  

On the tables we used things we already had - so not a dime spent on this.  We had previously bought these paper lanterns for our last event, the candle holders and then used more of the faux wrapped gifts we found.

We also made little conversation cards - all pertaining to our clothing theme and scattered them around the tables.

We had a really fun refreshment table filled with all sorts of punches and fruity drinks.  The smaller drink dispensers came from Target - they were $7.99 and are also stackable.  One again, something I can reuse over and over.

I also loved these little serving trays (Target Dollar Section) and we totally reused the plastic tablecloths from our last event.  And, we were able to give them a little wipe, folded them up and they are ready for the next as well.

We decided to make it easy and just serve drinks and cookies - we actually had a ton of cookies come in from all of our lovely leaders.  This also helps to save on cost - food can get super expensive.

So all in all it was a fun and springy event that really didn't cost all that much.  There is more to the story though and tomorrow I will share with you the details on the main event - the clothing swap so check back in tomorrow!

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