Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Share Your Story : Jordan

It's Share Your Story day!  Today we are joined by Jordan, a sweet 16 year old.  She is full of so much joy and cheer.  Her bubbly personality spills out to everyone around her and she loves to see others smile.  Can't wait for you to meet Jordan!

Tell us a little about yourself!  My name is Jordan, and I am a sophomore in high school. I am 16 years old, and I enjoy teenage things like playing sports, hanging out with friends, eating and sleeping.

When did you become a Christian?  I was born and raised in a christain home, so a lot of different people influenced me in my walk with God; probably my mom the most, but also my sunday school teachers and friends. I accepted christ when I was 8, after I went to a camp called Masters Inn. My brother and I accepted christ together, and were baptized together also.

Tell us about a difficult time in your life that challenged your faith.  Throughout my life I have faced many different trials, and things that really tested my faith with God.  Of the many that I experienced, I would say one of the toughest things for me was when my best friend died in 7th grade. He was very close with me and I really cared about him.  When he suddenly passed away in 7th grade, I was heartbroken. At first, my initial reaction was denial. I didnt believe it had actually happened. Once I realized it was real, I was really angry with God. I ignored God for almost 5 months. I didnt want to worship a God who didn't save my best friend. How could I love a God like that? So I drifted for a while.

How did God work in your life through this tough circumstance?  How did you find healing?  I went to youth camp that summer and it was while I was there that I realized that God still loved me and everyhing he did was for a reason, and I asked for forgiveness for drifting away.  My heart began to mend and I knew God had never left my side.  He offered peace and comfort through the time of pain. You see, when I was angry with God, I was so alone. I always looked for happiness in friends, boyfriends or useless things that could not fill me like God could. All I wanted was to feel whole again, and I didnt realize God was the only one who could fill my hole. YOU need God to be first in your life -all of the time, He's the only one who can fill that emptiness and make you whole.

Would you have any words of advice for someone going through a similar situation? God worked in me even after I put so many other things first. God was always there by my side, waiting for me to turn back to Him. God always forgives people, no matter how much wrong you do. He still loves you. Having that reassurance really has helped me.  If you are going through something hard on you, and you dont think you can get through it, my advice would be this: set your heart, your eyes, and your everything to God. He can heal you in ways no one else or no other thing can. He will take care of you and pick you up when you've fallen and put you back on your feet. Pick a daily time to have a quiet time with God. Go to a bible study. God will work in your life when you are hurting - he wants to.  Sometimes we need valleys to bring us to a closer and deeper understanding of Jesus.

Tell us about one of your most favorite times or events in your life.  I think one of the greatest moments in my life was when I TRULY got close to God. When my faith began to grow, I saw everything around me in a different perspective - everything God did and created was so beautiful to me and I could see Him in it. I was able to help other people and give them better advice - because of God working through me and with His help I was able to pick myself up when I fell into a sin or a bad point in my life. To truly see God all around you is a feeling like nothing else.

What are some of your favorite verses?  My favorite bible verse is Romans 8:32 "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?"

Thanks so much Jordan for sharing your story!!  You truly blessed us today.

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  1. How difficult for anyone to lose a friend at such a young age. :( Megan's story is beautiful, though, and such an inspiration that she is only 16!