Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dollar Store Chalkboard Ornaments

A few weeks back a came across a christmas ornament diy that I just loved from Emily at 52 Mantels.  I love to chalkboard just about anything so this was right up my ally and I'm all about adding in some black this year to our christmas decor so this was perfect!  Oh, and its cheap - score again!  So here's my take on this little chalkboard ornament.

So first thing you need is a package of plastic ornaments from the dollar store in your choice of color.  I loved the idea of red and black together so I went with that.

Since they are cheap and plastic you just use the line that runs down the middle as your tape line.  I used a wide blue painters tape and it ended up setting up perfectly for me to paint.  Oh, I also removed the little gold tops so I wouldn't get paint all over them.

I just used chalkboard spray paint because I already had some.  I ended up doing two quick coats.

After a little dry time, I had a cute little chalkboard ornament!  I liked the idea of adding a little red and white bakers twine to hang them.

Super easy, super cheap but really cute!  Love these kinds of projects!

Take care and have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. This is fun!! I like it even more because it's easy & cheap! :)

    Found you via Blissful & Domestic linky. Following now :)

    1. I'm all about something cheap and easy lol! Thanks for the follow!

  2. Neato! You can chalkboard paint anything these days!

  3. What a great idea! I love these!

  4. How clever! Following from the blog hop:)

  5. This is such a great idea!
    Found ya from the GFC blog hop! New follower :)


  6. These are cute! I love that you can write a special message on them :)

  7. That is a really easy and cute ornament idea!