Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reindeer Silhouettes

I'm continuing the Christmas theme and sharing another fun craft with you today in the way of Reindeer Silhouette Art.  This was one of those things that started out as something in my head and then just morphed as I went.  It didn't quite turn out the way my brain was picturing it but I had fun with it nonetheless.  It's an easy and cheap craft (yay for cheapos) and you could go a million different ways with it. Most of my supplies came from the dollar store or cost just a buck or two somewhere else. Oh, so this year I have gotten on this color theme kick for christmas and I'm loving adding a bunch of black accents - so I'm doing a lot of stuff with that this year.  I don't know why but I'm all into it.  Maybe its because I can chalkboard paint something (which I am doing so stay tuned).  Because for some reason I just can't get enough of that.  Anyway, here is my little tutorial...

I found a couple of glittery reindeer at the dollar store (two for one), picked up a couple of frames from the dollar store as well, spray painted them black, a couple of photo mats and then used an old red t-shirt for my backing.

So I got a little lazy and duct taped the fabric right on the back of the frame.  For me, this project was just all about having fun and nothing really serious so I just went with it.  After all, these are dollar store frames and no one will ever see this back - except now everyone has.

At first I left them like this and then decided they looked a little boring and I wanted to add something fun.  So I decided to paint a couple of photo mats to add a little whimsy.

One I painted with stripes, I just penciled off my stripes and painted in - I would suggest taping off and not free handing if you want a cleaner crisp edge.

I also made a little pattern out of a piece of card stock and traced it on my other mat and then painted this one as well.

And then I had these fun little guys and I know exactly where they will be going.  

I have more christmas things in the mix and will be showing you what I plan on doing with these soon. I may or may not already have some christmas decorations up in our house, we are six weeks from Christmas so I am using that excuse.  

Hope you guys have a wonderful wednesday!

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  1. They look great :) I'm all for doing crafts on the cheap!

  2. These look fantastic! YOu did such a great job on them. I love the glittery reindeer. So festive!

  3. These are great! Dollar Store is now on my errand list!

    1. Thanks Amy! The dollar store is becoming my favorite place :)!

  4. I LOVE these! I made some reindeer silhouettes last Christmas, but this makes me want to cover them in glitter! They look so good!

    1. Thanks Laura! I love a little glitter for Christmas :).

  5. This is a pretty decorating idea. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Love this project! I'm a new follower from the blog hop - you have such a cute blog!

  7. What a cute, simple idea, Megan. I was thinking of doing some reindeer silhouette pillows but I may not be up for that. haha
    Thanks so much for linking up and linking back last week at the Humble Brag! Even though its Black Friday, hope to see you back tomorrow to link up more great projects. Don't forget, we will be giving away more free ad space! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!