Friday, February 15, 2013

Share Your Story: Christie's Adoption Story

Something that I love about blogging are the connections and friendships you make.  Over the last several months I have connected with a sweet blogger and Youth Pastor's wife - Christie.  She blogs over at Satisfaction Through Christ and has such a precious heart for the Lord.  She and her husband have adopted one beautiful baby girl and now have been given the opportunity to adopt again.  As you can imagine, adopting is not always easy and there are financial obstacles that you have to get through.  This family is being faithful to God's call and God is providing!  I would love for you guys to meet Christie, to hear about their adoption story and learn how you can support them.  If you are a family considering adoption Christie is such a great resource and loves to help and give advice.   Take some time to hear her story! 

A week ago we received a phone call saying that we'd been chosen by a young birth mother in Florida.   Chosen for what?  To adopt her baby!  A story that started three weeks ago from a simple Facebook message has turned our world upside down, for the greater!  For the full story and our adoption announcement, please visit here.

Late last week our adoption agency gave us 15 days to come up with the first $10,000 needed for our precious baby girl's adoption.  To say that we were not prepared for this is an understatement!  As you read in our adoption announcement, we were waiting on fertility results the day that my friend contacted me.  So, to need $10,000 in such a short amount of time was a bit overwhelming.  But, the Lord soon laid an idea on my heart -- Operation 10:10:1 {10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl}!

I knew that friends and family were just as overwhelmed with the cost of adoption as I was and I figured, let's just chip away $10 at a time!  

In the last week we have raised close to $4,000 towards our $10,000 goal!  I've been amazed at the response, the love, and the support from the online community!  

When Megan gave me the opportunity to share our story here, I knew that the Lord was giving me another avenue to give Him all honor, glory, and praise!

So, will you join us today as we seek to be obedient to the call that the Lord has on our lives?  We knew when we said, "Yes", that this was so much bigger than ourselves.  But, we knew that the body of Christ was big enough to accomplish it!

$10 and a prayer means more than you'll ever know!

What an easy way to help support a wonderful family!  Adoption is such a precious act and example of Jesus' love for us.  I love the willingness and faith this family has to follow God, even when the task may seem bigger than them.  Praying for you Christie!
Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This post slowed my heart and made my eyes well up with tears. Adoption has been in my thoughts for years. And to read stories like yours and Christie's is beautifully overwhelming and touching.

    I'm visiting you from All My Happy Endings, where you left me a sweet comment. I had no idea I was going to find such beauty and amazement here, so I'm greatful for having reciprocated the visit. XOXO Mandi Roach

    1. This is such a sweet comment! I will definitely let Christie know how much she touched you. She is such a sweet, sweet person and if you ever wanted to talk to someone about adoption - she is awesome! She has been there and knows what its like. I love connecting with other bloggers - so glad you stopped by!

  2. Mandi and Megan!

    Thank you SO much for your love and support! I'm blessed that SO many have come alongside of us in this and supported us along the way...I know we couldn't do it without others!