Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monthly Roundup: March

Ok, confession - I have spring fever.  I totally want to just be outside right now - which is making it a little difficult to sit down at the computer to write a blog post.  I think our weather here in NC has made a turn towards Spring.  At least its sunshiny today and its calling me to be outdoors.  This week is spring break for our students and we are busy doing a mini-missions week around our city.  So far we have hosted a vbs for a local community and made food packages for our local crisis ministry.  I have enjoyed it so much.  With so much going on this week today I thought I'd take a look back at March and remember some bloggy highlights from this past month....

To start of our month we had our big student ministry event of the year - Disciple Now.  We loved every second of fellowship, worship and growing together in Christ.  We even got crafty and made a little instagram collage.
Then, we got our guest room cleaned out and in a normal state and even talked about some of the craft organization I have going on in there.  Much more to do in this room.

Looks like my spring fever actually started way earlier than now - here is my easy spring wreath/embroidery tutorial.

I'm still on my "mission organization" and made this quick and easy pegboard for organizing all of those papers and photos on the fridge.

Over the last month I have really tried to learn and grow as a blogger.  I even mentioned starting a little blogging tips series and got a lot of positive feedback- so I'm working on getting that started. It will mainly be just a lot of basic things that I wish I had learned earlier as a blogger.  I also decided to join up with bloglovin - you can follow me here.

My sister and I had a spray painting party and made a fun chalkboard canvas for her family room.

I decided to try my hand and gardening this year and began by starting some seeds indoors - which turned into a fun activity to do with my active two year old.

Finally, I got thrifty and freshened up some frames and used a pretty gift bag for artwork - I love the way these turned out.

I kind of like looking back like this, it helps to motivate me for the next month.  So what's on the horizon for April?  I have a medicine cabinet update to share tomorrow which includes some bathroom organization as well, a new blog tips series is in the mix, I think I'm finally ready to do the exterior painting post and share some other exterior updates as well as little crafty things that I have been working on - so lots coming.  I also can't wait to share about what has been happening this week with our students, so stayed tuned!

Thanks so much for joining me each month, I am so blessed my so many of you and your sweet and encouraging comments.  Hope you have an amazing week!


  1. I'm a newer blogger and really looking forward to your tips :)

    1. Me too! Well, not really a new blogger, but new to blogging for more than just my real life people!

    2. Hope I can help! I'm working on getting some posts together now!

  2. I absolutely love the wreath! Thanks for sharing!