Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Ok, I think I'm going to give starting the blog back up another go.  Its something I love and I really miss.  Just like anything, once you get out of doing something for a while its really hard to get back into the groove again.  The last time it ended for me I got overwhelmed.  And it really bothered me that I became overwhelmed, especially with something like a blog.  It began as an outlet for me and I think it began turning into something I needed to be perfect.  I am not perfect and neither will this blog be.  So for me this time, this place is just imperfect and I'm ok with that.  It has to be authentic, whether its making a craft, working on the house, sharing what is on my heart or part of my family....its relaxed, real, imperfect and just a small part of me.  

So here are just a few of the moments I have been thankful for over the past several months....

This kid loves a pile of leaves...but what kid doesn't?

Exploring the many great museums in downtown for Silas' birthday.

Silas loved the state fair this year, if you know him you know that him passing out like that is evident of a good time.

Mario - this may be my favorite photo of all time.

Our little Silas turned 3 in October, do we favor at all?  Just kidding, he looks like my twin in this photo.  His one birthday request was doughnuts, and also presents.  Luckily we just so happen to live  close to the original Krispy Kreme - we had many doughnuts that week.

I love my family so much and its something I'm truly thankful for every day of the year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thanks for visiting today!

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  1. That picture on the carousel is so precious. Pure happiness on his face! :)