Monday, January 20, 2014

Desk Redo Times 2

Sometimes you just have to change things up.  I'm like that a lot with our house, especially with bold colors.  I loved this coral paint choice a few years back but now I'm over it and wanted something more subtle.  Plus, I really just wanted to paint something...its kind of a habit of mine, and I'm counting that as a good habit.  Painting a little piece of furniture like this is such a simple and easy (and cheap) way to update spaces in your home.  Its a new year and time for some new paint.  Navy it is.

Do some colors just kind of make you feel anxious or tense?  I'm probably just weird like that.  I really do like coral, orange and pink but there is something also about those colors that make me tense up if I'm around them for too long.  Please tell me if you share the same color aversion as me.  If you know me well you know I like blue of all varieties, its my fav. So when I wanted something more soothing to my soul I had to go with a color that made me calm.  Blue is it for me.

I just felt so much better immediately when it was all painted.  I love it.  I just used a quart of navy paint , a small foam roller and a little brush to do the job.  Probably took about an hour and a half to do two coats total.  I also learned its really hard to capture the true hue of some colors in photos.  This navy is really darker and moodier in person.  But you get the drift.

Random painting tip, while you are waiting between coats use a plastic baggie or plastic wrap to keep your brushes covered and from drying out.  This saves you mucho time and headache.  When we painted our house exterior we did this - everyday for weeks.  We only washed our brushes out in the end after two weeks of painting and wrapping them up at night.  It totally worked like a charm.  Some people may be picky about brush washing, I am not one of those.  I am just picky about paint colors.

I love how the hot pink paper lined drawer looks with the new navy hue.  Probably even better than before.

So to up the game even more for this little desk I changed up the drawer pulls.  I have had these glass pulls forever and I can't even remember where I got them from.  They were being used on Silas' dresser but we have been updating his room as of late and these were no longer in use - so these were perfect for this project.

Oh, and this drawer has stayed nice and organized.  

Now that this little desk has a new look its time for a chalkboard update.  The teal isn't going to cut it anymore.

We have been up to a lot around the house and I can't wait to share more of the projects we have been doing lately.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  


  1. I know what you mean about tensing up...I usually love to decorate with bright colors...but I love the darker desk! It's so cute...especially with the pop of color on the inside.

  2. I love the navy! What a sweet little desk. It has a great shape. Nice work!

  3. Red! I can only handle red in small amounts. Actually I'm thinking about it, and I don't know if there's any in our house!

  4. My favorite color is blue, just like you! The dresser glass pulls is perfect, love it!