Thursday, January 23, 2014

Silas is 3!...3 months ago

I'm behind! But I'm ok with that.  We had so much fun celebrating Silas' 3rd birthday back in October and I had so much fun putting his race car party together so I wanted to share it on the blog.  I'm still getting used to him being 3!  What is this?  When I asked him what he wanted to do for his party this year, he said dinosaurs.  Well, we just had a 2 year old dino party last year so I asked him to give me another option.  Race Car's was it.  What else does this boy really like besides dinosaurs and race cars - maybe the red sox?  Maybe that should be his party theme next year!  I'm getting ahead of myself.

You really don't have to go crazy to have a really sweet and fun party for your kid.  I feel like we, as moms can get caught up in the hoopla of it sometimes.  But for me, I just really enjoy putting together some handmade elements for his party and then finding a few fun things to make it special.    So here on this table above, I found some cute race car lollipops, borrowed some orange traffic cones and found a clearance striped bed sheet at Target to use for the tablecloth.  Sometimes you just have to think outside the box a little bit.  

I love a good banner and this one was super, super easy to make.  I found the patterned paper at Target on sale, I think it was $1.50 for the pack and I also found a pack of pre-made letters and numbers on clearance at Target as well.  So I didn't even have to cut out anything!  It was just a matter of assembling and gluing.  Some ribbon from the dollar store and a few hole punches later and I had a sweet banner for his party.  And, it cost me less than $5.

A few other little things I grabbed for the party were these fun glasses from Target.  I love these!  I also like to buy supplies online since you have more options and usually can find some good deals.  I found a huge pack of these race flags, the cute mini snack cups and of course some fun striped straws, I can't have a party without those.

Another little handmade element for the party were these little race car tags.  I used them in several different ways and once again they were so simple to make.  I used the patterned paper I had leftover from the banner to cut out little triangles and found some cute race car stickers to put on them.  The little plastic milk bottles I found last year and was able to reuse them again this year!

I just love putting a party together, its so fun to do something for your kid that you know he will love!  Silas loved all of the race car elements and had fun using his on stash of cars to decorate for the party.  It was fun taking a moment to look back at his sweet party.  Thanks for joining me today!

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  1. Love this! That banner is so much fun. I can't wait to make things like that for my daughter's upcoming birthdays.