Wednesday, November 12, 2014

House Tour - Updates

I wasn't really sure where to begin with so many changes and projects currently happening at our house.  So, why not start with a mini update.  If you want a quick reminder of how things looked when we moved in and how everything was, you can check out our house tour page.  I'll update that page soon, but for now here's a little glimpse of what we call home.

Can I just say that I am currently loving our living room.  Its cozy, inviting, very much us and I love being in here.  And yes, that's an original hardwood floor.  We unearthed it several months back and it was a much welcomed discovery.  I'll give a rundown post on the wood flooring situation soon.

Our living room and kitchen are completely open to each other in the front of our house.  I love the openness and its great for a small home.   

New flooring is abundant in our house, including a new tiled kitchen floor (new as in last March).  

Also if you look close you can see the trim molding that still needs to be done...all in good time.

Up close and personal with our new floor...can you tell I kind of like it?

My current favorite room to work on - Silas' room.  We've painted, pulled out carpet, replaced lights, added new artwork, etc...and my list is still pretty long on what else we want to do.  

I have let Silas help make the decisions along the way and its been a fun project for both of us.  

Hallway bath...nothing new going on in here but I still love a good white shower curtain.

This room is completely different, the once spare/guest room has been taken over by Silas and is now a playroom.  I am constantly working on the organization in this small space - constantly.

I have purged (mostly while Silas is gone, shhh don't tell him), gathered, grouped and I'm still in the process of making this all work.

Currently I have just been using what we have on hand for organization except for a few bins I grabbed at Target.  But soon I'm going to add in some much needed shelving to really give this room some greatly needed storage space.

We still love our chalkboard doors!  And, yes we do have a Disney countdown currently taking place.  We are actually a lot closer since this photo was taken so - I.cant.wait.

Our bedroom, laundry and bathroom were left off, there isn't much change in those rooms as of right now but I have so many things on my list to do in those spaces.  But now that we are all nicely acquainted again with our home we can start getting serious about the details.  Can't wait to overshare with you soon!  Thanks for stopping by today!  


  1. Nice Megan! It's so light and lovely. Makes me want to tone down some of the color I have going in my house!

  2. I'm glad to see you blogging again, I have always enjoyed stopping by here. Your living room is super cozy. I like the light walls and that sofa looks comfortable.

    1. Thanks Antonella!! You are so sweet. We love our sofa so much, its from ikea. I wasn't sure at first when we got it how comfy it would be - but its the best!!