Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Maxi Dress in Winter

One of my favorite bloggers Audrey from Putting Me Together has begun a new weekly style challenge to help us get out of our style ruts and put to use some of those things in our closets we aren't using. I'm all for it.  This week's challenge was simple - wear a dress. 
 If it was warm and lovely I would have no problem wearing a dress but in this colder weather I usually steer clear.  I mean its under 40 in NC, we are freezing here.  So after some thought I decided to put together a couple of ways of wearing a maxi dress in the winter that used some items I was much neglecting.

Honestly, this is an outfit I would have never thought of otherwise so I loved finding new ways to wear things I already own.  And yes, I am not even trying to hide the camera remote.  I had limited time and things needed to be snapped quickly.

Its funny how just adding a couple of simple things can really bring it all together.  A belt is something I have neglected for years but it will do wonders for almost any outfit.  I don't think I even owned a belt a year ago...I blame having a baby on that and then I got over it and realized how great a belt actually is.  Lesson, find a belt you like and try it out.  I have actually found some great ones at almost nothing prices at Target so you don't have to invest much at all.

 Try something new this week, use something out of your closet you haven't in a while and have fun!

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  1. You're adorable. And 40 degrees??? Who needs a cardigan? I'm super jealous. ;)

  2. It was -4 here this week....EEP! Thus indoor photos only :) I love the cobalt color of that maxi, and the way you've styled it. I always struggle with what shoes to wear in colder weather with maxis, I always picture them with sandals. Great outfits! Stopping by from PMT :)

  3. Very, very cute! I totally know what you mean about how adding a few things can totally bring an outfit together. That's exactly how I felt about a navy dress I recently wore.

    I especially love the patterned cardi you paired with the dress!