Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lilac, Animal Print and Heels

Lilac, Animal Print and Heels - something a few years ago I don't think I would have worn together...or really any of those pieces at all.  After being pregnant I wanted nothing to do with wearing heels, animal print always kind of scared me and Lilac is outside of my normal shades of blue.  This week's style challenge from Putting Me Together is to wear Red, Pink or Purple...Lilac is a shade of purple right?!  I'm counting it :). 

If any of these things are outside of your comfort zone as well try introducing some softer and more subtle items into your closet.  I found this shirt about a year ago at a consignment store, I owned not one thing with animal print at the time.  The print was subtle enough for me to give it a try and it has welcomed a new array of lovely animal print items into my life. Shoes, scarves, cardigans, tops - I now can say I love most anything animal print.

If you are like me and really aren't fond of heels, there are always some great alternatives.  I have found that I love a good wedge or in this case just a lower heel.  Lower heels are a little harder to find, but they are out there!  Also, block heels seem to be everywhere lately, which is a much comfier version of a heel.

Distressed jeans - my new favorite.  Maybe its my 80s childhood calling me home but it seems I'm not able to buy any new denim without holes in it.  I probably wear this pair way too much.

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  1. Beautiful look. I too don't wear heels as much now that I'm mom. It's harder when you're constantly picking up a 26 or 35 pound ball of wriggling energy. Lilac definitely counts.

  2. I love this look! I'm a big fan of a subtle animal print. I have some leopard print flats and they're one of my most versatile pairs of shoes! I really like the color of your top. And the shoes are super cute too! I work at a library so I rarely have an occasion to wear heels (plus I'm already 5'9" and heels make me feel like a towering giant), but I would love a pair of flats in that color!

  3. The question is, do you find yourself doodling on the parts of your skin that are visible through the holes in your jeans? Are you drawing hearts on your white Keds?

  4. I love this look--that animal print shirt is so pretty! I love how it mixes with the distressed jeans. And I'm with you on the heels--I can't do high ones either, but I love it when I find a low pair or some with a nice, chunky heel!
    Shea Lennon

  5. This outfit is seriously gorgeous! Your top is BEAUtiful. I didn't used to like distressed jeans but I think when the distressed marks are in the right places, they can look so great! Heels help too I'm sure :) I'm not a big heel person, unless they're in boots. I just can't keep my heels in the shoes, even with those heel grips. Grr haha