Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Master Bedroom Plan

We have been busy working on our son's room recently, putting our extra time into finishing up that space - and I'm determined to not move on until I have everything complete (as much as it can be).  But, I can't help but think about the next room on my list to conquer- our master bedroom.  A girl can dream right?  Some of the elements of our room I like and will keep but some I'm ready to change.  I think after several years I'm ready for an even more neutral toned room with natural elements and we are desperately in need of some storage and organization.  So below is a quick shot of where the bedroom is right now (just also imagine in piles of books and clothes to better accurately create a glimpse of our room).

To take it to the next level we want to replace the flooring, paint a lighter gray/beige on the walls, paint the side drawers white,  add some industrial wall sconces, build an industrial shelving unit and add some accessories.  So actually quite a few things but nothing to crazy difficult.


I kind of like the idea of pairing the industrial elements with some more delicate ones.  I think this would be such a relaxing and peaceful place to be.  This is the motivation I need to get some of the last projects in Silas' room complete so I can dive into all of this!  

We have a busy week ahead with a big student ministry event coming and this crazy weather is throwing us for a loop!  Snow today and maybe again this week! What?!  Do you guys have any rooms you are dreaming of updating?  Do share!


  1. I love the look of the neutral grey and white with a few pieces of red and coral. Adding in the industrial looking pieces will give the room a more unique and eclectic feel. I'm currently just working on a little corner in my basement to make it into a toddler free office type of space. Love these ideas.

  2. What fun ideas! I think it is going to look amazing :)