Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tassels, Gladiator Sandals and Putting it Together

When the temperatures start to rise I usually start struggling with putting together a good outfit.  All I want is to not be hot and to not feel sweaty so I could care less about style.  I'm sorry if that's TMI but its true!  In the early spring, fall and winter you can add layers galore and feel really put together and have fun configuring different outfit ideas.  But when its hot, you don't have the luxury of layers and I can feel a little stuck. 

So what's a girl to do? I think accessorize is the answer!  I'm still able to wear jeans here without hating it yet but I had to lighten it up a bit so I went with a flowy tank- anything more and I would have been miserable and honestly that combo was pretty boring on its on.  I think the two best things to tie everything together when its sweltering is wearing a fun pair of sandals and a statement necklace.  

I love these gladiator sandals from Target (super comfy) and they add some interests to everything and the necklace adds a nice pop of color -  now I feel like I have a completed outfit and I still feel cool and comfortable.

I'm loving the tassel necklaces I've been seeing everywhere so I made this one on my own!  Tomorrow I'll have an easy tassel necklace tutorial so you can make one too! 

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