Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Easy Dollar Store Craft (Rhino Bookends)

Are you guys hot enough?  Wow, the heat here has been insane.  This is probably one of our fullest weeks of the year and this heat is adding a great twist.  We are currently in the middle of vba week (it's like a mini camp for teenagers at our church).  Justin and I and some great leaders create all of the content for the week so its a lot of planning and preparing.  It's one of our fullest and favorite weeks we get to spend with our students and its been awesome so far.  The summer is like this crazy ride that happens in a flash so we are holding on tight and following God through it- we still have summer camp and mission trips to experience and we can't wait.  So with all of that going on, I've got to keep it simple.  So today I'm sharing a simple and easy craft that anyone can do.

A little while back I found these rhino bookends at the dollar store.  They were so cute and I knew I could update them to something I really loved.  The dollar store can be unpredictable sometimes.  They have things, then they don't, then they have them again.  So you never know what you will find.  I love to look at the little shelf where they little figurines - that is where these little guys were found.  

These guys received several coats of high gloss craft paint on top in a minty green color and a little olivish/tanish color on bottom.  I have know idea what to call that color so that's the best description I can figure- but I like it.  So yeah, that was pretty much the extent of my crafting.  But sometimes a little paint makes you feel accomplished.

I didn't realize my love for this color until snapping this picture - it seems to be invading my house.  But I'm loving the summery vibe these colors are bringing inside.  It all works with the diy silhouette I did a while back.

Hope you stay cool this week, keep it simple and enjoy the ride of summer!