Thursday, August 20, 2015

Living Room Update

This blog is in real need of me updating the permanent pages - like the  home tour, projects, etc.  Its so neglected.  So to help get this blog up to date with all things home I decided to do a quick room by room post update that will allow me to finally begin working on that.  Today I'm starting with the first room in our home, the living room.  Its probably been shown the most here more recently but now its officially up to date in my brain and helps me move on to other posts - so here goes round one of home spaces - the living room.

This space is probably one of my favorites in our house.  Its cozy & quaint, lived in & simple and full of old & new - just how I like it.  

So in the last several years since living here we haven't done a lot of "work" necessarily in this room - its been more about adding the decor we like.  The first big project we did in this room was to paint all the trim white and the entire room a new fresh neutral.  I still love it.  We also changed out the ceiling fan not too long ago which really helped to update to space as well.

Some things I have never really posted about on the blog was adding the wall shelving (ikea), finally finding neutral patterned curtains I love (they were a Tuesday Morning find), switching out the tv stand (also ikea) and finding the most perfect sofa for this space.  The sofa we chose was the karlstad corner sofa from ikea.  I can't say enough about how much we love it (or maybe how much we love ikea).  Its super comfy and really durable - which is great when you have small kids living on it and big kids visiting often.  You can choose any arrangement you want to work for your space so its really versatile.  Its one of our favorite things we have purchased for our home.

I can't stop picking up cute pillows for our sofa...its probably getting a little out of hand.  The striped silhouette wall art is a little project I did way back and still one of my faves.  I evan have a little post for the monogram wall art on the shelf.  The lamp is from Target and the little cabinet is an antique piece I've had forever.

This navy chair is another addition we have had for about a year, a little target find.  Recently I posted about making the framed instagram collage, a really easy and fun project.  And also, Silas' own personal project - the "I love dinosaurs" chalkboard sign.  I'm still working on adding more to the walls in here - there seems to be a lot of blank spaces.  For some reason hanging things on the wall is the most difficult thing for me to do in a space.  We've been here four years now and just this year I hung something up on the wall - I know, settle down.

Oh, and the flooring - original hardwood floors we found under the carpet...such a great score.

This little space has come a long way since moving in!  I love to see the changes.  I definitely have a few more things on my to do list for this space but its one of the most finished rooms we probably have.   The room gets used a ton, by us, family, students, community groups and more and we love having a comfy place to share with others.  

Thanks for stopping by today!

Living Room Update:


  1. I love it - it looks fantastic. Where did you get your sectional couch, if you don't mind me asking. I think that is what I want to do in my den.

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation!! I love everything you've done here. Such creative and inspiring work!