Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Simple Fall Table Decor: Use What You Have

Today is all about using what you already have. Its really easy this time of year to get overwhelmed or stress over things which really don't need to be worried over.  Having your table perfectly set and styled for Thanksgiving is one of those things.  I loooove this time of year, just all of it.  Its fun to be festive, to celebrate with those you love, to focus and set your hearts on thankfulness and the blessings of Christ - things worth your time.  Last year I had the great joy of hosting thanksgiving diner for our family.  I wanted to decorate because its something I like to do but I also wanted to keep it simple and not spend a dime.  

I spent some time gathering a few items from around the house that I wanted to use and then took a walk around my yard in search of some sort of items for a centerpiece.  I discovered we have a great little shrub that had beautiful colored leaves plus another with some great greens.  I clipped a bunch and also decided on picking up a few twigs.  

To make the twigs standout a bit I decided to spray paint them white and a little bronze.  While I was at it I grabbed a little pumpkin I had and spray painted it too.  When I get the spray paint out nothing is safe anymore.

After I had my centerpiece and a few little decor items I needed a tablecloth.  I wanted something navy but I didn't have a tablecloth that would work.  I did however have a piece of fabric that I had gotten for another project.  I didn't do a thing to it, it's literally just a yard of cut fabric but I liked the colors, plus its plaid and you can never have enough plaid during the fall.  Is it me or is everything covered in plaid or check print these days?  I mean, I'm not complaining but it seems like its on everything from home decor to clothing and even on plastic cups and tissues at target.  I may have purchased said plastic I guess I'm just contributing to the plaid madness.

It was fun to put together a pretty table with things I already had or snagged from the yard.  I bet a lot of you have even better outdoor plants to gather from but if you are like me and just have a couple of shrubs then you are good to go.

A couple of years ago I put together another little last minute thanksgiving idea with several other ideas for using things you already have.  Also, as a family in the past we have put together a thankful jar to help us focus together on being grateful.  It doesn't have to be fussed over, don't fret and keep it simple and enjoy the important moments.  Use what you already have!

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