Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DIY Hanging Wall Art

I have probably the most simple of all projects to share with you today...so simple it probably shouldn't even count as a blog post.  But - I put it together, its in my house and anyone can do it so that justifies it in my mind.  If you are struggling with what exactly to hang on your walls maybe this easy project will give you a little wall inspiration.  You can change it up to suit your style!  
Also, keep scrolling to the bottom to check out a great way to help support a sweet family.  

So this project is for those of you who may have a big blank wall and are wondering what to put on it or for that person who has run into a cool poster, map or pretty paper that you want to do something with but haven't figured out what yet.  

Here is what you will need to make a quick and easy piece of wall art - 
1.  Poster, Map or Pretty Craft Paper
2. Two Dowel Rods
3. A hand Saw
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Twine/Scissors

The hardest part of this project is sawing the wooden dowel rods.  I found my wooden dowel rods in the hardware store near the lumber section, you can also find them at a craft store like Michael's or AC Moore.  First step to do -simply measure your poster and determine the length you want your rods to be and then measure and saw until you have two dowel rods of equal length.

Next, hot glue your poster onto the rods - just a little glue at the edge works.  Make sure not to glue the whole length and then try and apply the dowel rod - the glue will dry too fast and you will have a mess.  Just a little bit at a time as you work down the poster.  After you get the poster glued to the two rods then you can cut your twine and glue it as well around your rod at the top.  I just simply wrapped the twine around the edges until I reached the desired length and glued as I went.  

And my friends - that was it.  Simple and super cute!

I actually have two of these now in my house - this one in the bedroom and one of a map in our kitchen.  I love how colorful they both are and how its something a little different than just a framed poster.  This would also be a great project to create something simple and inexpensive for your Christmas decor.  It could be larger like a poster, or smaller like a print.

Yay for easy projects!  I see a new Christmas one in my near future.  

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I wanted to share with you an easy way to support a a great family.  The Gullett family is hosting an online auction to help raise support for their adoption. They have a ton of great items to bid on...you can even find a few pieces of my handmade jewelry :). Go check out their auction site here. The date is extended to this Thursday!

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