Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Men

I am a big fan of giving gifts, its just something I enjoy doing. Let's be honest, its hard to shop for men sometimes. So today is just a fun little post with some ideas for gifts for the men in your life.  I had some help from Justin with this one.  These are either things he already has and loves, or things he has on his wish list.  We jokingly call this the "Justin starter kit". Also, I was informed I left out beard that's an idea too.

Ok, so there is some variety here...I have everything from wireless earbuds to a book on Theology.  Justin states that everyone should have a good theology book and the one we included is a good one to start with because of the easy way it reads.  Highlights - handmade leather wallet, stainless steel mugs (with lids for traveling) and the best men's belt ever.


I'm so excited to mention True to Seam goods here...Sam who owns and makes every item by hand is a former student of ours.  We love his handiwork!  He has more than just wallets too- so go over and check out his online shop!!

Gifts don't always have to be things we buy either.  Sometimes the sweetest and most meaningful things are notes written to our loved ones or time spent together.  Cherish your loved ones and enjoy each moment you have.  That in itself is a beautiful gift from God.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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