Thursday, September 22, 2022

The framing of our House, Our Summer Progress

Much has transpired over the summer so it's a good time for an update. Our house is really coming along now! It's been a lot of waiting, a lot of frustration, a lot of excitement and every other emotion scrambled in there. One thing I've learned from this experience is if you think you know how something is going to go...just don't think that. It's going to be a different way. This is what happened when we got ready to frame the house. 

Taking down every piece of this house - starting with the roof

Just about done with demo!

Originally we were doing what we could to save some exterior walls, maybe even the subfloor of our old house. But as we took layer by layer down it was evident this just wasn't going to work. There was too much damage and the work arounds for keeping some things were too complicated. So every single piece of our house came down - everything but our foundation. Even the entire subfloor needing redoing. It took a ton of work, long hot Saturdays in the summer and lots of help. Boy, are we so thankful for each and every person who has helped us along the way. In the end, we are very happy about it. Everything is new and right. We don't have to worry about anything rotting or being extremely off causing a major issue down the road. I think our intentions were good with wanting to keep some of it, just not doable in the long run.

Our beautiful trusses

For the framing (in case anyone is wondering) - this is how it worked for us. First, we found a company that could design our trusses based off our house plan. We needed an engineer for that. They designed and built every truss for us and were excellent. We were so excited the day they were delivered! This process was straightforward and I liked it. I like it when things just go exactly like you plan.

Next, we had all of the rest of our lumber delivered and about a week after that the framing crew came out and started on the subfloor. (This was a different company than who designed the trusses). After this you get an inspection. Of course we had issues that had to be fixed. I don't know if we have had one inspection go off without a hitch yet. But, it gets fixed and you move on. 

After that - the framing crew had our house built in about 8 days. We loved going over everyday and seeing the progress, getting to know them and watching a dream we have had for years come to life. There were a lot of tears that week - good ones. It's really something to finally see your house being built. This means a lot to us, we are both pretty sentimental people. At this point we had felt like we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Everything has taken longer than expected (the nature of these types of projects for sure). But when you are in the middle of have to remind yourself its worth it.

We love this little slice of property in downtown. Its our home. Home is a sacred place and something we are longing for. It's made me reflect a lot on the desire for home and where that comes from. Ultimately, we desire for our heavenly home. A place of forever rest and comfort...of peace. I can't wait for that day. Until then, this is a mere tiny reflection and reminder of that ultimate place. Something to remind me that Jesus is making a spot for me with Him for all eternity. I want to use this earthly home as a way to honor and glorify Him while we are passing through here.

So 8 days and your house is standing right in front of you! I absolutely love it. It's exactly what I envisioned going into this process. Then we blinked and the roofers came out and put our roof on. We are installing the metal roof on the front porch ourselves and I'll share that update this week. Some things you wait forever for and then some happen so quickly you don't even get a chance to see it happening.

Next on the agenda is to get all of the trades in (hvac, electrical and plumbing). After those are done we have a mega inspection...we are actually really close to this part so I need to do another update soon!

Until then! We are taking each step carefully and counting our blessings. 

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