Friday, December 9, 2022

Windows, Doors and Roof

Every new step in the home building process is exciting! When you see progress it makes you happy. Windows, Doors and a Roof - The house is really starting to feel real now. Like with every single part of this house we ran into a snag which made for more work. But what I'm learning in this process is that everything can be fixed. Nothing is impossible to correct.


Our Windows were a difficult thing to choose for us. I was really wanting black and of course, turns out black is way more expensive. We shopped around a lot to see if we could get a good price on decent windows. We ended up going with Builders First Choice in Apex. They were really great in helping us decide on a good window that wouldn't break the bank. These are MI (Homes) Windows. To save money we actually ended up with 3 different window styles. 

Front windows have the single pane line at the top - these were all the most expensive windows. The side windows are black with no panes - second most expensive. And in the back we actually did white windows. Reasons - Our house is painted white so it blends, our house backs up to no one and no road so its mostly hidden and it saves us like $5000. That sold me. Oh also our windows are black on the outside and white on the inside so there is no difference inside. Honestly no one has noticed a bit. It all kind of flows and works. If the back of our house was visible to the public I wouldn't have done that. But for us it worked. You save your pennies anyway you can.

Mahogany door is from Southern Door & Trim, Inc.

Window & Door Installation

Next came the fun part of installing windows and then our beautiful front door. Guess what, half the windows were framed the wrong size and our door was framed 1" too small to fit our door. Y'all, this was probably my most major meltdown in the whole thing. I was livid. At first you don't even know what to do. Your framers tell you they will fix it but of course are too busy to get over anytime soon. But something we would say that has been the best investment is our Structural Engineer. We have had to call and email him a bunch during this process and he always has awesome suggestions for how to solve these problems. A good structural engineer is crucial and we are so thankful for ours. 

Justin is amazing and spent weeks reframing all of the windows and the door to get our windows in correctly. He is an excellent carpenter and his imprint and craftsmanship is all over this house. What a glorious day when all of that was finished and complete.

We used our old front door as our new side door! I love we have little pieces of our old house here.


We also got our new roof done as well! Roofers came and did the singles like elves in the middle of the night. We just went out there and it was done one day. We did charcoal architectural shingles. We also opted for a metal porch roof in black and Justin actually installed this. I absolutely love it.

Look at those beautiful windows and front door! A sight to behold. It's coming along!

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