Tuesday, April 23, 2019

New Spring/Summer Collection!

You guys! The new Spring/Summer collection is here! I have been so excited to finally get all of these new goodies launched and ready for you.  I have a new set of lightweight necklaces, new leather earring textures, colors and some new acrylic and leather earrings that are a favorite of mine. Everything will be dropping today starting this afternoon and into the evening (April 23rd).  Here is a little sneak peek of some of the new items available later today!

New Lightweight Necklaces -

Necklace details - super lightweight! Made with fabric, wooden beads and vintage beads. These are so light and comfy! Also each one is fully adjustable and easy to throw on over any outfit.  You can dress these up or down, great with tees or a dress!!  Bonus - they are super durable and can be tugged on.  I have been loving wearing these and I can't wait for you to try them out too!

Available in single strand, double strand, chunky, bold, slim, colorful and neutral! 

New Earrings - 

Earring details - So many pretty colors and shapes coming your way in leather! Classic teardrops in large and small, Oval, Arrow and Mod Circles.  Earrings are genuine leather and always lightweight and easy to wear. Also new is a leather/acrylic earring that I am in love with!  Equally as lightweight and on trend for spring and summer.  I have a limited quantity right now with these!

So many earrings pair with the new necklaces too! 

I need to say a big thank you to all of these beautiful models! They made everything look so good and I had the best time shooting everything with them! 

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Also, Tees are up and ready! They will be available until May 20th! You can shop tees here.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support along the way on this journey! 
Love and appreciate all of you!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Start Spending Daily Time in God's Word

Last year was a real eye opener for me when it came to my private and personal time with God.  Something I realized I needed in my life was discipline...especially in my spiritual walk.  What I mean by that is real structure, real goals, a plan if you will on how I needed to prioritize my day.  God was really implanting the idea and desire for spiritual discipline and I began to seek after what that looked like for me.  I have to be quite honest here and say that I am still a work in progress, I still have a far way to go but I have seen the fruit and good work God has done in my heart and life this past year or so when I got more serious about spiritual discipline.

Today I want to talk about reading God's word.  If there is one thing that I have heard over and over again from being in ministry with Justin is that people desire to know God more.  They want to feel connected to Him and have a thriving relationship with Jesus. Yet over and over when asked if they spend time reading scripture the answer is usually "no" or, "when I have time".  Let me pause and raise my hand here too.  There have been plenty of times in my life where I have found myself here.  Friends, if we desire a personal and intimate relationship with the creator of the universe....we need to spend time with Him and that means more than attending a service on Sunday (and I am a huge proponent of being involved in a local church).  We need to read His word.  Reading the Bible and knowing His truth is everything for your walk with Jesus.  It will awaken your soul to God working around you and even make that Sunday morning ritual become an actual act of Sabbath worship for Jesus.

So...where do you begin?  Where does someone who has mismanaged their time and mixed up their priorities start?  We don't just start something new on our own and hope it sticks.  That never works.  We can't just try harder - it takes faith.  Faith in action. When God presses something down on your heart - you move and He guides.  He convicts and you act. He changes and softens your heart and you bend toward Him.  The biggest lesson I have learned in all of this is that its not perfection but its progress.  God's calling us towards Him everyday but we will never hear it unless we listen to Him...and how we listen is by reading what He has already written for us to hear.

In my journey towards discipline I realized that God had already gone before me, was pressing on my heart and I needed to take action.  I didn't need to become a biblical scholar overnight but I just needed to start.  So here is my plea to you today...just start.  Begin. One of the best resources I have found in cultivating a daily discipline for seeking God is a book called Hello Mornings.  In her book Kat Lee lays out the simplest plan for living a life focused on Jesus.  She asks you to just start with 3 minutes a day.  Now before you balk at the idea and think how little faith that 3 minutes a day seems to sound, please ask yourself the tough question...Did you spend at least 3 minutes each and everyday last year reading scripture?  Every day.  Not skipping.  Not being too busy to stop.  Wouldn't you want to answer yes?  Yes! I was someone who stopped and met with God every single day last year.  Every single day for the last 2 years, 5, 10? I believe I would rather say I was someone who met with God every day for 3 minutes than someone who planned lofty goals, didn't reach them and quit.  We all have to start somewhere and I believe God knows that.  The beautiful thing though is that once you begin, once you start, you will start to notice God working around you.  You will remember things you read about God and that will affect how you respond during your day.  You will fall in love with spending time with your Savior.  Your relationship with God will flourish because He is growing your desire to spend time with Him daily.

God loves to start new things (2 Corinthians 5:17). I believe He wants to start something new in you today.  Pause, stop, be still before Him today and begin.  He has already gone before you (Proverbs 16:9). He has promised to never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).  His word promises to be alive and ready to lead and guide you wherever He needs you to go (Hebrews 4:12).  He is already there, join Him today (John 5:17, Philippians 4:19) .

Its hard to even stop and begin to write what this has meant for my life this past year.  It doesn't mean that its been an easy year...but its been fruitful and abundant.  I'm learning more about God than ever before, He is drawing me to his side and there is no place I would rather be.  I am praying for you today.  If you need anyone to help and talk to about your spiritual walk please contact me.  I would love to help encourage you along your way.

Coming up I want to share some practical resources for applying spiritual discipline into your life.  Things that have helped me or others.  So stay tuned for some helpful tools!

Go and begin!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Frugal Summer Activities with Your Kids

Summer is quickly disappearing...In some ways it makes me sad and in some ways it makes me expectant about what is on the horizon.  This for me, is always that time of the Summer when my son starts getting a little antsy and really needs activity and even a change of pace.  We all want our kids to be entertained but two problems can usually creep in - the costs can add up and you want to make sure that they aren't just mindlessly glued to a tablet or phone to keep them busy,  so I thought a lot about how to battle that this summer.  I have gotten a ton of questions about our little summer project so I thought I would write here on the blog a little bit about what we have been up to.  It may be a great way for you to spend the next several weeks with your kids before school kicks back into gear.  I have also added a few other inexpensive and enriching ideas throughout the post too!   

Ok...so what have we been up to?  If you follow me on Instagram then you know (and if you don't you should go follow me!).  I wanted to come up with a way this summer for him to stay excited about reading and writing without pulling my hair out.

Recently we came across the NC Parks Passport and thought it was such a cool idea.  Essentially you receive a stamp in your passport every time you visit a state park by visiting the welcome center and for every 10 stamps you get prizes.  Bonus - this is also a great frugal and fun activity to do with your kids during the summer (or on weekends during the year).  We have discovered so many cool places and parks in our state that we would have never have seen otherwise. We have done everything from hiking up to amazing lookouts, simple nature walks, canoeing and visiting the beach for a day to see the dunes.  PS - there is also a National Parks Passport!

So that and our love for travel kind of sparked my idea for our summer project.

We took our love for travel and learning about other cultures and nations and made it into a daily learning activity.  First thing we needed to do was make a "passport" book.  This really could be anything, a spiral notebook would work fine.  I just had an old smashbook (is that still a thing?) that I had never used so we just used that.  I let him decorate the front however he wanted and we were set.

Here is the lowdown -

1. We pick a country we want to "travel" to each week.
2. Visit the Library on Monday and find every book we can about that country - also we find books about animals in that country because my son has a deep love for animals.
3. Spend time reading and researching through our books.

4. Create a page or pages in our "passport" book with facts and information we have learned.

Then depending on the week, we spend time doing different activities from below-

5. Try and eat one food from that country -either something we have made or bought.
6. We listen to traditional music from that country. (lots of the time that's during cooking or eating)
7. Do something crafty..for example we made paper giant hissing cockroaches when we studied Madagascar.
8. Draw a mural on our chalkboard door.
9. Decorate our house or his room with the countries flag colors or other fun holidays we learned about.
10. Watch a movie that reminds us of that country.  There are so many fun ways you can incorporate a movie into your summer.  It doesn't have to be something that just entertains them for a few hours.  Our son loves having a family movie night and for us to watch something he really enjoys.  I have seen people also project movies outside on a simple white sheet for a movie under the stars - so fun!  Also just a tip, sometimes its hard choosing a Christian or family friendly movie but Pure Flix has a great selection for the whole family...and you don't ever need to worry about if its appropriate for everyone or not.
11. Learn some different phrases in their language...we found some cool apps for that!
12. Learn about missionaries in that country and pray for them.
13. At the end of the "trip" we stamp our book with the date so we will remember when we visited :)

There really are endless ideas with this!  Mainly I just wanted it to be fun and I wanted him to keep his mind going this summer.

Honestly, I think I have learned just as much if not more this summer doing this with him.  I love how he gets excited to show other people his passport book and that its something he can hold onto for a while.  I read something earlier this summer about how few of these seasons we actually get with them. I pray I can cherish these moments and spend it with intention with him.  Full discloser - some days we derailed and we get nothing done! That's life and its never perfect.  But you give yourself grace on those days and keep going.

Let me know what you have been up to this summer!  Any other fun and frugal activities or ideas? Share with me!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Simple Easter Table

Wow, there has been a lot going on for us this last month! I'm happy to be sitting down to write up a little blog post for today.  Easter is coming tomorrow so I thought I would share a little snapshot of our kitchen and some simple decor ideas anyone can whip up last minute.  I love using things I already have, usually by browsing around the house I can find things to use and then add in a little handmade touch to make it feel new.  

I have always loved dying eggs for easter so I try and sit down to do it with Silas every year.  Also a bonus is how pretty the eggs are for decorating.  This year I didn't buy any extra dye...so we were left with orange, yellow and green.  They still turned out super pretty. 

My favorite part is that Silas has about 5 seconds of wait time for the eggs so they are very pastel....which I like.  So this took like 2 minutes haha.

I just looked around the house for white or light blue colored items to use together and went to the yard to trim some flowers and greenery for the table.  Its always pretty to group various items on the table for your centerpiece.  Mix it up!!

I love all of the light and airy pastel goodness.

Recently I have been reading through Exodus in leading up to Easter.  I have read Exodus several times in my life but for some reason this time I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it.  All I can see is Jesus all over the pages.  Its amazing how much the Bible points to the coming Savior.  

 I hope you can see Jesus all over your life.  He is all we need.  He has come, He has saved and He continues to provide all we need.  

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DIY Basics - Recovering a Thrift Store Chair

I am a big fan of thrift store shopping...for furniture and things for the house.  I'm not the biggest fan of shopping for clothes at thrift stores only because I get overwhelmed (am I the one one?).  There is something really fun about scoring a great piece at thrift store for next to nothing and seeing the potential it has to be something great.  One of my favorite places to shop for things for the home is Habitat Restore...if you have never been to one you need to check it out.  I have found some really great things there for amazing prices.  There are a few keys to shopping at thrift stores...know when they restock, know when they mark down and go frequently.  

So I came across this chair at the Restore for $10 and loved it..I am a big chair fan.  This one though is in really great shape (it also folds up for storing), sturdy and I decided I didn't even want to paint it (super shocking I know).  All it needed in my opinion was a seat recovering.  

This is actually not the fabric above that was on the chair when I bought it...I had this laying around and covered it really quickly until I got something I liked.  This fabric was not really my favorite and didn't quite work in our space.

After thinking about it I decided I wanted something simple and basic that would go with anything.  This! This check fabric is like my most favorite thing ever.  After I covered the chair I made cafe curtains and a pillow too...with hot glue, haha.  They are still holding up great too...I need to make a post on that.

Ok, so covering a chair seat is really simple.  You need a staple gun (they are inexpensive) and that's pretty much it.  The hardest part is folding the corners in so it sits right.

Honestly I probably do it a little differently each time. I just make sure its really tight and folded in on the corners and then staple like crazy.  This seat just screwed right back in to the chair base, its was simple.

I love the simple and classic look of this chair.  Don't be intimidated by thrift store finds, there is a treasure of good stuff out there waiting for you to make it beautiful again.

How about you guys...are you thrift shopping people?  What are some of your best finds?

PS - Here are some other thrift store makeovers from the blog -

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Encouragement for Today

Just a really beautiful reminder today.  God is for you, He is with you and He is working inside and all around you.  I love this analogy of Jesus building a home inside of us - remodeling our lives into something more than we could ever imagine.  Jesus came to give us life...and life abundantly! (John 10:10).  I need this reminder today and everyday - 

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!...  1 John 3:1a

God's love is lavished on us that we are His children and He is our Father.  He spared no expense pouring out the most precious commodity ever known - the blood of Christ - to redeem us back to Him.  

Remember today what God has done for you...what He is doing right now for you and what He intends to do for you for all eternity.  Hold tight to His truth and promises!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Super Easy Painted Glass Jars (Dollar Store Craft)

I have spring fever.  I am so ready for warmer days, sunshine and color.  Until then, I am making due with bringing some life inside and adding some spring touches here and there around the house.  I have a super easy diy for you today for adding some color to your homes - using chalk paint on glass!  Have you guys used chalk paint yet?  I absolutely love it..and now there are so many options available.  I know there is sometimes confusion about this...so to clarify this isn't chalkboard paint but chalk paint - two different things.  Chalk paint adheres really well to surfaces without the need of primer and leaves a very matte/flat almost chalky finish.  Recently I came across some craft chalk paint and wanted to give it a try.

At first I was going to use mason jars for this project but then I found these glass milk bottles at the dollar store...yes! --at the dollar store and had to grab them.  If you can't find them at your local dollar store (specifically these were at the Dollar Tree) then I have seen them also at crafts stores like AC Moore or Michaels for a few dollars each.  How cute are these? Honestly I like them even unpainted as well to use for little parties.  Just think of how cute a little paper striped straw would be with these.

Here is the chalk paint I used...I found this at AC Moore for $8...plus a coupon for 50%.  I love those coupons, don't ever enter a craft store without scoping those out first. They have other colors as well..not a huge selection but I think a pretty selection.  If you haven't used chalk paint yet this paint is a great way to try it out without investing $$ on some of the fancier brands and supplies.

When you use chalk paint the best approach is several thin layers.  Your first layer will feel like its not going to cover and will look awful.  I did 3 thin layers on these bottles to get the coverage I liked. I just used a craft sponge brush to apply it...it worked well for this project. And leftover birthday plates :)

After the paint has dried completely you can add some distressing if you want...I waited a good 24 hours before doing this step.  I just lightly sanded with a sanding block to give it a little character. That's really it!  I didn't need to prime or use any kind of sealer on this project. Super easy.

These are so cute for greenery or florals, I love using unexpected things.  And this minty color is one of my favorites..I love the vintage feel of it.

I also used these for candle holders as well!  One thing though I would never use these for drinking out of now that they are painted..just decoration haha. 

Are you guys feeling the spring fever too?  What are some ways you like to add pops of spring to your home?  And...what do you think of chalk paint?  I'd love to hear!

Make something new this week!