Monday, March 21, 2011

How-To Remodel Your Spending - Coupons

I'm following up from this post about remodeling your finances to talk about spending today - specifically grocery shopping.  Ok, once again I am no guru at couponing, actually I really don't know that much at all but it is something I have recently began to do and I am working on getting better.  This is a very basic and beginner how-to for couponing and grocery bill slashing.  I haven't had any crazy experiences yet where I buy $200 worth of groceries for $.10, but maybe one day with some determination I will.   Just like before, saving money on your grocery bills will take some work, organization and time but I've done some of the beginning leg work for you here, so hopefully you will be on your way to saving big bucks soon!  I'm sharing this post now because this week begins Super Doubles at Harris Teeter - starting 3/23!  If you have never used coupons, are new to this whole thing or have no idea how super-doubles work- here's the scoop at Harris Teeter:

* HT begins super doubling coupons at 7:00 AM on the first day of the sale. 24 hour stores do not super double coupons before 7:00 AM on the first day.
* HT will Super Double coupons worth up to $1.98 face value. A $1.50 coupon will double to $3.00. A $1.00 coupon will double to $2.00. A $2.00 coupon will not double at all and will only be taken at face value ($2.00).
* HT will super double/double up to 20 coupons per day. Spouse's cards registered with the same address are linked because the policy is 20 per household, per day. 
* HT policy is to double up to 3 identical coupons (as long as you buy the product required for each coupon, of course). So, if you have five $1.00 coupons for a product, the policy is to only super double the first three.
So, If you have one coupon - it will count as two as long as it does not exceed $1.98 and that can really add up to a lot of savings!  If you have a coupon for $1.00 off and an item costs $2.25, that item will only cost you $.25  that day!  Pretty sweet.  Also, they will only take 20 coupons per day per person (you have to provide your vic card when purchasing and using super doubles).  I don't know about you, but I have noticed a steady incline in the cost of groceries lately and this super double deal is exactly what I need right now.  Also, Harris Teeter is having some of their awesome Buy One - Get One, Buy One - Get Two and Buy Two - Get Three deals as well! The new weekly ad for Harris Teeter will be out Wednesday, so you can check their website for all of the deals they have going on that day  Now, your next question will be, where do I get coupons?  A great place is the Sunday paper but if you don't receive the Sunday paper then you are out of luck with that.  Fortunately, there are some great websites that offer printable coupons to use!  Here is a list of great places to print coupons, just in time for super doubles: -
Redplum -
Pillsbury -
I have also found a couple of Home Improvement coupon deals this week including 10% off at Lowes Here and 10% off at Home Depot Here.  Pretty cool since we are on are way to remodeling our home.  Also, If you are a new mom don't forget to sign up for coupons, rewards and savings at these sites: Pampers, Huggies, Similac & Enfamil
If you are looking for even more coupon saving tips and tricks check out the Smart shopper at:, she is on top of her game and has a lot of info on her website!   So what about you, know of any great coupon deals going on this week?  Share them here!  Happy Shopping!!

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