Friday, March 18, 2011

Wall of Integrity

This is not a how-to on creating a really amazing picture/photo wall as seen here.  No, this is a result of March Madness,  and yes those are NCAA Tournament brackets covering our living room wall (aptly named the "Wall of Integrity" to be exact.  I'm not sure how this started but I believe Justin has been creating this masterpiece in our living room for each tournament for the past four years.  This year we have a total of 55 brackets collected from various people we know, many of them from our students.  After each round of games comes to an end Justin takes to highlighting wins and crossing out losses - it's quite a job but he is dedicated.  So, how are we doing so far?  Terrible, probably the worst year yet.  We do however have a baby (yes our son) that is in the lead.  Somehow Justin devised a way for Silas to choose his own picks (some sort of block choosing method) and he is beating everyone and Justin could not be more proud.  We take our NCAA tournament seriously around here so this is a big deal.  I think he has given up on his own bracket and is purely cheering on Silas'.  Is this something we will continue to do in our next home?  Who knows?  It's actually pretty fun and gives me a way to get in on the basketball action.

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