Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking Back

Since we have less than a week left in our house we have been reminiscing and looking back over the last four years and remembering the great moments we have spent here.  The last several years of our lives have been crammed full of so many wonderful and special moments.  So without further ado, our top ten list of best times:
 10. Rook Nights: This might be a surprise to some but we love playing Rook.  If you have never heard of it or have never played this magnificent card game then you should get with the program.  Best team of All Time - Megan & BMS, hands down.
 9.  Tacky Christmas Lights: Since we have lived here Justin has been all about decorating our house for Christmas - as tacky as he can possibly make it.  It has really turned into a tradition that grew over the years as more and more tacky lights and decorations have been added to the design.  He even has co-designers (conspirators) in BMS, Yow, Buddy and even MT.  There was even a documentary made about it this past Christmas - intriguing let me tell you.  Will the tackiness continue on to our new house?  We will just have to wait and see.
8.  American Ninja Movie Nights: Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, George S. Clinton, Wild Bill, Crazy Super Human Ninjas that somehow are defeated by one man yelling "Die" at them - need I say more?
7.  Cook Outs:  We have had so many it's hard to say which was the best but we will miss cooking out here in a large backyard (one of the things we really do enjoy here).
6.  Tenting it Up:  There is nothing like sitting under a big tent (by tent I mean a patio tent) in the backyard with some of your best friends on a warm summer night just talking about life and listening to a mad scientists create something in his laboratory, what fun!
5.  Bible Study Nights:  We have had the privilege to be part of so many wonderful and meaningful small groups over the last four years.  It's probably one of the things we enjoy the most about student ministry, watching and listening as students grow in their faith.  What a blessing it is to have been part of that in so many lives.  We will always cherish those moments we have had here; the talking, laughing, praying, sharing, tears and joy.
4.  Stromboli Nights:  Our favorite nights with our friends, the end.
3.  Christmas 2010:  We had the chance to host Christmas family time this year for all of Justin's family and we loved every second of it.  That is definitely one of the most special moments we shared here in this house.  It doesn't happen very often - maybe if we are lucky once a year, but to have each and every one of us here together under one roof was pretty cool (for those of you who don't know Justin has a rather large family, it was 22 in all and that's just parents, siblings and their families).
2.  Just Us:  I know this may seem like a weird one but as we were making this list we came to the conclusion that we rather enjoyed our time together as just us while we were here in this house.  That's not to say that we don't thoroughly enjoy our time together now since having our son, but we will never be just Justin and Megan again and those years we had together like that were special.
1.  That brings us to #1 - bringing home King Silas.  You really can't explain the love and joy a child brings into your life.  He gives us so much laughter and sweetness every day, we are overwhelmed at how much we love him.  I can't wait to watch him grow in our new home.  (This is a picture of him the first night we brought him home, I can't believe how big he has grown!) So, that's it for us, the best moments we have experienced over here in our humble abode.  It was really fun to sit down together and talk about our favorite times over the past four years and we are so thankful to have spent them with so many wonderful people.

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