Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spare Room Inspiration

We have lots of projects we have our eyes set on in our home, some of them are just more pressing than others.  Our next big project will be the painting of the exterior of our house, as soon as we get a good long weekend blocked out when we have nothing else to do (this is starting to be an issue as we move into the busiest time of our year - whoops.)  So until we get to cracking on more important projects I'm dreaming about our spare room - which will hopefully one day be a totally functional and beautiful space for a home office, guest room, craft space and even play area (let's face it our entire home is a giant play area anyway.)  As I dream, I'm drooling over these particular spaces that have perfected the small space home office and guest room combo.  Before we get to the inspiration rooms let's take a look at what we have going on now.

(The day we moved in)

You might recall this shot from a few weeks back - shortly after our move in.

And today, so still not great and in desperate need of some attention but it's a little better right?  Ok maybe not but we can at least walk through the room now.

Now let's take a gander at some sweet design perfection:

I love absolutely everything about this space - the room color, the ceilings, the awesome day bed, the built-ins, the list goes on.  How awesome is it that this small space has so much and still feels so roomy?  Love it.

I love the idea of using closet space as an office area to maximize a room's layout.  We happen to have an entire wall of closets in our space room so this is an option we might think about.

Ok, this next office area is so gorgeous.  I love the blend of old - the barn sliding doors- with the ultra modern and sleek desk.  I just love the pairing of both of those styles and this is done so beautifully. 

How cute is this office/guest room?  So tiny, yet so light and airy - totally functional.  I especially love the stripes on the wall and the fold out bed.

And finally, this bright sunny spot.  I could see myself spending a lot of time crafting, relaxing, reading, whatever in this room.  It's a little shabby, a little chic, a little modern, plenty bright and so cheery.  My favorite thing - that day bed.  

So these are just a few things we are thinking about over here.  Do you like any of these spaces?  Have another office/guest room space you would like share....comment below!


  1. I love them all! We just purchased a home and I've been trying to decide how to design/decorate each of the bedrooms and the office/craft room. It's so hard to decide or commit to something. I think my fav is the West Elm pic, love that color blue and the desk.

  2. I love the first one. Nice colors

  3. I love the top picture and the green and white one, as well! Very cool!

  4. JanyClaire - That color blue is awesome, I love it too!

  5. Love the pictures - especially the top one. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your space. :)

    (Unrelated to the above post...Thank you for your kind comment on my other blog re: the headbands for the DR - my parents are hoping I can join them on one of the trips soon to experience it for myself : )

  6. I love the idea of using closet space. I had that in my old apartment. Basically what happened there is that it was the top floor with slanted ceiling, so we had 8 closets in a studio apartment to get all the slants out of the way. One of the closets was turned into a desk. The doors were removed and plywood was nailed at a right level for a desk.


  7. Totally in love with that room from Houzz! The green and blue hues are so pretty! That pendant light has totally inspired me for my office space too!

  8. Andrea - you are so welcome and I hope you get to go!!!

    Jamie - So glad you got some inspiration! I love that space too!