Monday, June 6, 2011

Make A List

So over the weekend we realized something, we need to regroup.  There are so many things that we want to do that at times we can get off track and out of control.  We have several lingering projects that need to be completed but as far as the next big thing goes, we have got to get organized.  At the very beginning we started a list  - let me stop here for a minute and fill you in on a little Justin and Megan secret - we (as in Justin) love to make lists.  We make lists for everything - at least once a week we have lists for all kinds of activities, for example: what we want to do around the house, cleaning schedules, groceries, church activities, scheduling Roo refills (just kidding, that's just a mental list), etc. The first thing on any of our lists is always "make a list" - so we can immediately mark something off when we are finished.  Crazy?  No way, there is so much joy found in crossing something off that it pushes us forward and gives us momentum for the next thing.  Our lists are also very detailed, for example, if we are doing laundry the list will not read "do laundry"  it will read: "sort clothes", "wash all loads", "dry all loads", "fold all clothes", "put away all clothes", and so on.  Too much?  Maybe, but what a thrill it is to mark all those tasks off.  Ok, so now that you know how crazy we both are I will move on.  I will add that I never had this obsession with making lists before I met Justin, but his love for lists has definitely rubbed off on me - I have now embraced the love of lists.  So all of this rambling on to say - we made a list this weekend!  And it's not just an ordinary list, it's a doozy - detailed, budgeted, lengthy, it's got it all.  We are very pleased in our list and can't wait to start marking all of those detailed items off.  So here are some of the items on our list that we have supplies for already or are no cost projects that need completion while we prepare and save up for our next big thing - the exterior paint job.
(Ugly Plants)
Make A List
Remove old Mirror Cabinet in Bathroom
Hang New Mirror in Bathroom
Remove old faucet from Bathroom Sink
Install new faucet in Bathroom
Finish Painting Hallway
Paint Half-Bath Trim
Paint Half-Bath Walls
Create and Hang Wall Art
Removal of Ugly plants in the Front Yard
Removal of Old Landscaping Timbers
Cleaning out and Organizing Storage Shed
De-clutter and Organize Spare Room
Paint Trim in Spare Room
I think these things should keep us busy for a while and give us time to save up some more cash for future projects.  When remodeling your home staying organized is sooo important, otherwise you will be all over your house trying to work on things and spending money on stuff that it's just not time for.  Getting organized is key and we intend to stay that way, and I guess it doesn't hurt that we love lists anyway.


  1. This post is so funny cuz I make lists. And exactly the way you guys do. I haven't started breaking down the different aspects of laundry, but I would prefer that if I have anything to get done in the day, it would be written down on a list. :) Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Haha! We might go a little overboard with the details sometimes :), glad to know we are in good company!