Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We worked a little switcheroo in our bathroom over the weekend in the form of vanity mirrors.  Originally we had a boring, small medicine cabinet type mirror hanging out on our wall - nothing necessarily bad about it, we just wanted to change it out for something with a little more style.  We realized at some point that we already had a mirror that just might work so we thought we would give it a try and see how it looks - nothing wrong with a free upgrade, especially when you are remodeling on a tight budget (plus we are cheap, but you know that already).  So Justin went to work removing the old mirror and replacing it.  Here's our before mirror:

First thing, removing our old mirror -

Oh, don't forget to close up the sink drain (this should actually be the first thing you do).

And our removed mirror and new hole in the wall...

We wanted to cover the hole with Sheetrock so we have a nice smooth and finished wall underneath our new mirror so Justin had to carefully remove the uneven edges with a utility knife.

Another great reason for a closed drain (ignore the razor I'm not sure why that was still sitting there).  Also note the screwdriver in the new hole in the wall.

Just a little close up so you can see the removal process.

So after Justin was satisfied with the evenness factor we had planned on going to the store and picking up a piece of Sheetrock to finish up the project...problem was, we never found time to go.  So, we just decided to throw up the new mirror and have it just be for a while.  We do however have several issues though.  For one, this mirror is larger and you can see from the other pictures we have this awesome electrical outlet right next to where the mirror hangs, so we are having some over-hang issues.  We also didn't have any real support to hang the new mirror on so we had to be a little creative.  Here's what the new mirror looks like (and, it's actually not new - we've had it since we got married in our first apartment so it's just about 10 years old now).  I actually think it goes pretty well with all of the other bathroom items and decor that's going on in there now - you can check that out here and here.

So to create more support to hang this mirror on (it's really quite heavy) Justin used a scrap piece of wood nailed into the wall.  Here's what lies beneath our mirror - shhhh, don't tell anyone and if you come over, just act like that's not there.  I guess this mirror is covering a multitude of sins right now.  And, my favorite part - the screwdriver and yes it's still living behind the mirror.  So, you might have to remind us where we left it for out next project.

We are still having some evenness issues and issues with fit but I like the look of the mirror and that it now has a new place to live in our house.  It might not last forever but for now it's all good.  Oh, and our new hole will hopefully soon be closed and nice and even and flat and will no longer be a storage place for forgotten tools.

So we are wondering, anyone else have a mirror or artwork that is covering up something unsightly on your wall?  We can't be the only ones.  Comment and share!


  1. You Know Who This IsJune 7, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    If you have over-hang issues w/the "awesome electrical outlet," could you paint the outlet cover the same color as the wall so it sort of fades away? Would that work? I am LOVING the new/old mirror.

    I still want a blog.

  2. I like the new mirror....and I suggest you turn the hole into a time capsule and put artifacts in there prior to closing it up!

  3. I to have a new mirror covering a LARGE gapping hole where there was once a "Classic" medicine cabinet. I wasn't home when this all took place, umm wonder if I should look behind the mirror. No I'm afraid to. I do like your new/old mirror it's very stylish.

  4. You know Who...I'm still waiting for your blog :)!!!!

    Teresa - Funny and Tempting!

    Mom - I guess it runs in the family ;)