Monday, August 22, 2011

Chalkboard Doors - The Finale

New week - lots to share.  It's finally time to reveal our newly painted chalkboard/magnetic closet doors.  This will be the last post on closet doors - however not the last post related to the closets - betcha can't wait!  I know, closet talk is the best.  The thing is, I do really love a good closet (maybe it's the woman in me) but I love a nicely organized closet, a cute closet, a styled closet - I could go on, and I hope that's where our closets are heading.  Last week I shared with you my epiphany to also include magnetic paint to these closet doors here.  I'm glad I did because it really did add a fun element.  This room is not only our guest room but also a playroom/craft room and office space.  So I feel like these updated doors are definitely fulfilling the playroom part.  I can picture Silas playing with his little magnetic alphabet set here one day and doodling on the doors with his chalk (hopefully that's the only doodling he'll do, but who am I kidding right?).  So here were the closet doors before (even before any white trim or new fresh wall paint)...

And After...

I used a high quality foam roller to apply the chalkboard paint and applied three thin and even coats.  I din't use any kind of primer and it worked perfectly.

So, I also mentioned we had an amazing magnet collection - well maybe I exaggerated a tad.  For some reason in my memory it was a lot grander than it looks now.  

Just a quick side by side look.  

All in all, the chalkboard paint was easy and fun to do and it really works just like a chalkboard.  I have to say the magnetic paint was not my favorite thing to use and the end result is not a very strong magnetic bond.   You definitely have to use lighter weighing magnets and applying thin coats is essential.  Transforming these doors into magnetic chalkboard fun only took $35 and a little elbow grease.  Not too bad!

So how about you?  Any fun transforming projects going on in your homes?  Do share!

More guest room and closet fun coming at you this week!  


  1. That is so fun!! I LOVE using chalkboard paint. This is such a kid-friendly idea so they can still get their write-on-the-wall fix, except less clean up for you :)


  2. What a difference on your doors, they look so cool now! I have this linked to my closet doors post too today, nice job!

  3. I had a question what kind of material were the doors and where did you get the chalkboard paint? I would love to do this for my kids room.

    1. The Doors were just Wooden but had been painted. The chalkboard paint was either from Home Depot or Lowes! Thanks!