Thursday, August 18, 2011

No-Cost Frame Redos

Pausing from closet doors to share with you some frame redos.  Since I have all of the paint materials out and set up I thought I would take the time to update some of the frames I have laying around, waiting for some love.  For all of these updates I used paint that I had on hand already so nothing was purchased just for these projects.  Free updates = Happy Us.   First frame up is actually a mirror.

This frame needed an update and my first thought was to spray paint it white.  After I did, I just wasn't sold and decided to try a bolder color.   I have recently bought some really great teal paint that I haven't used yet but I thought would work perfect for this project.  So teal it was.  Oh, and I also got some spray paint on the mirror (whoops) - but some nail polish remover rubbed it right off - no biggie.

This project I subbed out to my lovely niece Mya.  She is up for hire - her current going rate is a Popsicle and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  Not to bad if you ask me.  She only does one coat though because anything longer than that gets boring.

All in all it was a great deal, it was fun and entertaining for her for the first coat and I worked on other things and she did an excellent job.

Here's our finished product, Mya was digging the new color and excited to see it finished.  I think I know the perfect place to hang it.

Next up, an old frame that houses my beloved NC light houses print.  

You know from days long before that I once went a little crazy with a themed light house bathroom and promised that never again.  But, it's just one little print and I happen to love it...and I got it on our honeymoon to the Outer banks so it has sentimental value.  I wanted a black frame and I just happen to have black chalkboard paint leftover - so a little splash of paint and now the frame really pops.

Lastly, Is a little different redo.  Instead of changing the frame I'm changing what's inside.  I have several frames I bought way back when we first got married, the frames aren't bad at all but it's the inside prints that are hideous. 

 Instead of replacing it with a picture or different print I opted to replace it with a fabric I have that I got on a trip to Ecuador.  I haven't decided where this one is going yet but I love the framed fabric.  It makes me happy.

So no money, new frames, new artwork and we're good to go.  Sometimes it doesn't take much to revamp and old item that you're not so keen on anymore into something that you love! 


  1. I really like the framed fabric. And I have some Cherry Tomatoes for Mya. Wonder what I can get her to paint for me?

  2. I love the framed fabric from Ecuador! The vibrant colors remind me of the secretary you just painted in the kitchen. :) Gorgeous!