Monday, November 14, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

After lots of time and little money we are finally ready to show you some in-progress bathroom pics.  I say in progress because we still have a few things we would eventually like to do - like a new tile floor and a new vanity.  But, since both are currently not glaring eye sores we are waiting while we work on other more important house projects.  Until then, we are totally loving our updated and serene bathroom space.

Here's a shot before we moved in.

And shortly after, you can see a lot had changed.

And now-

Oh, and in case you were wondering whatever happened to our towel curtain...

It's much better now.  I luckily already had this curtain so no money was needed to solve this issue.  I really like that we used a curtain that gave us plenty of natural light but still the privacy we needed.

Some of the details...

Before and After:


So here's a breakdown of what we have done so far-

- Paint - Olympic No VOC in Misty Lake $25
- New shower head (Moen, Lowes) $30
- New Shower Rod, Curtain & Rings (Homegoods) $25
- New Towel Bar (Homegoods) $7.99
- New Hand Towel Bar (Homegoods) $5.99
- New Bathroom Light (Lights Unlimited) - on clearance $10
- New Bathroom Mirror - already had
- New Window Curtain - already had
- New faucet (Delta, Lowes) - on sale $42
- New Rug $20
- Replaced shower hook (Ikea) - $2
- Replaced cabinet knobs - already had
Other little projects:
-Removed toothbrush holder on wall
-Removed toilet paper ring on cabinet 
- Added a shelf for towel storage
Grand Total - $168

We have really totally changed and updated this bathroom for less than $200, we are pumped.

PS -If you are interested in any of our bathroom projects you can find them here, here, here, here, here and here.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. It looks great! Where did you get the white shelf/towel rack?

  2. That's great! I looooove the shelving the towels are on. Great mirror too!

  3. Thank you! Audrey, it's an antique shelf my grandmother gave me a few years ago :)